Discord is getting a cool Halloween ringtone from hyperpop duo 100 gecs


Discord is getting a cool Halloween ringtone from hyperpop duo 100 gecs

The classic Discord ringtone is going to sound a little different this Halloween. Today, the company revealed a remixed version of the sound effect, which adds some spooky elements to the iconic chime. It’s a short, breezy clip that wouldn’t feel out of place at a haunted house.

You can check it out in the clip below, which extends the tune into a six-hour long video.

The new ringtone was created by hyperpop duo 100 gecs, though it’s not clear how long it will stick around for.

It’s been a pretty big year for Discord as the pandemic has caused millions of people to shift to gaming as a social outlet. Back in June, Discord announced a $100 million funding round with plans to become a more ubiquitous communication tool. More recently, the app saw a huge surge in downloads, thanks primarily to the viral success of Among Us.

Published at Fri, 30 Oct 2020 17:05:00 +0000

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is getting an incredible animated Into the Spider-Verse suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales certainly owes a lot to the massive success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the 2018 animated film that helped catapult Miles’ iteration of the webslinging hero to new heights of popularity.

So it’s fitting that players will be able to suit up in Spider-Verse’s now-iconic spray-painted version of Miles’ black-and-red suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. But developer Insomniac Games didn’t just make a simple skin; the studio actually replicated Spider-Verse’s bold, comics-inspired animation style for the Spider-Verse suit’s gameplay, right down to the Ben-Day dots and altered frame rate. Combat is even punctuated with flashes of on-screen onomatopoeia.

And it looks spectacular, at least in the short video that Insomniac released to show off the suit. I’m not entirely sure what the feasibility of making an entire Spider-Man game in Spider-Verse animation would be, but the suit — which looks like a playable version of the original film — makes a very compelling argument for one.

This isn’t the first time Insomniac has played around with clever animated suits. Spider-Man for the PS4 has a similarly styled “Cartoon” suit that turned Peter Parker into a 2D-style classic comic book illustration.

The Spider-Verse suit will be unlocked on launch day for anyone who preorders Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Insomniac has already confirmed that all players will be able to earn the suit, regardless of when they buy it.

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