Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Pawprint Stamps & What They’re For


Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Pawprint Stamps & What They’re For

Pawprint Stamps are a material in Monster Hunter Rise that players can use to craft and upgrade a variety of equipment. That said, fans must find Pawprint Stamps before they can use them, and exactly where this ingredient comes from may not be immediately obvious. It is with this in mind that this guide is being written, and players that read on will learn how to farm Pawprint Stamps in Monster Hunter Rise and find details on precisely what they are used for.

To get right to it, players that are looking to obtain Pawprint Stamps should target both Melynxes, which drop them at a rate of 20%, and Felynes, which drop them at a rate of 14%. These creatures can be found in every one of the areas in MH Rise, and players can make tracking them down very easy by filtering their map icons. More specifically, fans should select Melynx’s Gatherings under the Locale tab and travel to the marked locations.

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While players are certainly free to farm Pawprint Stamps in whatever areas they desire, Monster Hunter Rise‘s Shrine Ruins and Sandy Plains are perhaps the best option. Indeed, the Melynx’s Gatherings on these two maps are quite easy to reach, and fans that focus on them should be able to obtain an abundance of the material fairly quickly. Notably, players may also encounter Melynxes and Felynes as they travel to the Gatherings, and they should absolutely dispatch any of these creatures that they come across.

With respect to what MH Rise players can do with Pawprint Stamps, they are primarily used to craft weapons in the Felyne tree. This makes a great deal of sense, considering where the material comes from, and here is a complete list of items that require Pawprint Stamps (and how many of them are needed):

  • Catspaw (2)
  • Cuddly Cat (1)
  • Felyne Claws (3)
  • Cat’s Curse (5)
  • Catburglar (3)
  • Felyne Fancy (3)
  • Raging Claws (5)
  • F Paw Punch (1)
  • F Paw Punch S (2)

To note, Pawprint Stamps are not the only items that players will receive from Melynxes and Felynes, as they also drop Rations, First-Aid Meds, and Round Acorns. While these may not be as desirable as the crafting material detailed in this guide, they do have their uses, and some players will undoubtedly be happy to earn some during their farming. The Round Acorns in particular may be of interest, as fans will receive some Kamura Points in Monster Hunter Rise upon collecting these account items.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch and a PC port is expected to launch in early 2022.

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