Destiny 2: Key of Light and Darkness Quest Guide | Game Rant


Destiny 2: Key of Light and Darkness Quest Guide | Game Rant

Long before the chilling events of current expansion Beyond Light, the ending of the Forsaken campaign in Destiny 2 gives Guardians some much needed closure over earlier events. However, the satisfying conclusion also leaves Guardians with a mysterious object in the form of a broken talisman, a reward from Petra. Despite its poor state, it serves as the key to gaining full access to the Dreaming City.

To fix the talisman, Guardians will require the help of The Spider to get started on the Key of Light and Darkness quest. This grants an entire new host of objectives that will require players to complete quite a few missions, as well as taking on some tough groups of enemies. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take advantage of powerful armor from the current season as well as any exotics to make sure you can get the job done.

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After talking to The Spider, Guardians are left with three clues as to where they should begin looking for the talisman’s missing fragments. The locations are tied to three Lost Sectors across the Tangled Shore. Granted, there are only five total in the region, but this guide will direct one to the specific three required to complete the talisman. Of course, Guardians will need to clear all enemies in the Lost Sector in order to properly mend their broken talisman.

Collecting the Fragments

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Fragment #1

The first clue on the list tells Guardians that the first fragment is located “in an old Corsair hideout.” This is referring to the Shipyard AWO-43 Lost Sector, which is located in Jetsam of Saturn. This is to the west of where Spider’s hideout is positioned.

Fragment #2

The second clue states that the talisman piece is located “in the heart of the Spider’s web.” This isn’t necessarily in the vicinity of The Spider himself, though the nearby Lost Sector the clue is referring to, The Empty Tank, is located east of his hideout.

Fragment #3

The final clue directs Guardians to a talisman piece located “in a rare green place.” That location is the Trapper Cave Lost Sector which can be found in Four-Horn Gulch on the eastern side of the Tangled Shore.

Mending The Talisman

Now that the talisman is fixed, The Spider will inform the player that it must be attuned to “that troublesome half of the Awoken’s nature,” a.k.a the Darkness. Essentially, Guardians are required to destroy Taken enemies to charge the talisman with Darkness so that it may open the door to the Dreaming City.

Io is no longer a viable option to find Taken, though they can still be found on the EDZ, specifically the Lake of Shadows strike, Gambit, or even the Harbinger mission. Of course, Guardians won’t need to visit all of these places, as long as they manage to kill enough Taken to complete the objective. Once the talisman is fully charged the talisman will become an Imbalanced Awoken Talisman, although that won’t be the end of the charging process.

Charging The Talisman

All of the Taken souls from before weren’t enough to fully restore the talisman to full use, and instead Guardians will need to head back over to Four-Horn Gulch to complete the Ether Harvest public event to finish the process. More specifically, in the process of completing the public event, three Taken Chieftains will spawn and Guardians will need to slay them.

Once all of the Taken enemies are destroyed and the event complete, the talisman will become the Balanced Awoken Talisman. Guardians will need to take the item to Spider to continue.

Entering The Dreaming City

The final step of the quest tasks players with completing Awakening, the final mission and a part of the Beyond the Watchtower campaign. The original light level requirement for this was 500 which may make the encounter sound extremely easy, though most Destiny 2 activities scale with Power Level. That means Guardians will want to bring some powerful gear and even ask a friend or two for some backup.

In the mission, Guardians will need to fight enemies as well as do a little platforming and dimension hopping before reaching a temple. Inside, Petra will give players the final task of clearing any enemies outside, then destroying Elikaa to obtain the offering. Bringing it to Petra will complete the final step of the questline.

Although this quest was once a requirement in order to unlock the Wish-Ender exotic bow, the “New Light” update has changed that, omitting this quest as a prerequisite. Still, it won’t be long before all Forsaken content is locked away in the Destiny Content Vault, meaning any Destiny 2 lore masters will want to complete as much of it as possible.

Destiny 2 and its expansions are now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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Persona 4: The Best Romances (& The Worst) | Game Rant

Part of the reason why Persona 4 became so popular was is its integration of RPG elements mixed with a social game. Players assume the role of Yu who is a student by day and an otherworldly warrior at night. It sounds weird, but it came together terrifically well. Of course this can all be thanked to its predecessor, Persona 3, which first adapted these elements into the series.

There is also the fact that the PS Vita was in desperate need of software and the re-release, Persona 4: Golden, came out at just the right time. The series keeps getting more popular too. Joker from Persona 5 is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for crying out loud! Anyway the point is we love Persona 4 and wanted to rank its romance options. This goes for both the best and worst categories. Of the eight possible options, let’s see who gets picked at number one.

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Updated on April 11th, 2021 by Adriano Valente: Persona 4’s romances are one of the game’s most well known aspects, and the series’ dating sim mechanics from Persona 3 onwards has served as a means of adding a considerable amount of depth and replayability to the series. Some of the social links might come off as comparatively better than others, but one thing all players can agree upon is that the game includes something for everyone. Every player will find at least one heroine they can identify and sympathize with, and the first step in doing so is knowing how, where and when to activate and proceed with a given social link.

8 Worst: Ayane Matsunaga

Ayane Matsunaga can be encountered at school if the player decided to join band club. Seems like a typical romantic meet up, right? The thing that weirds us out about Ayane is her design. While she is close in age to Yu, she looks like she could be his sister. That is to say her face looks a lot younger like a six year old. We know Japan is into some weird stuff, but Yu, don’t go for her man. Please don’t get into the sister complex for this relationship. That is the advice we would give him if asked.

Ayane’s social link will become available starting on April 25th, the day the player can choose a club to join. Should you pick the band Club, Ayane can be found in Yasogami High’s Practice Building’s 1st floor on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays.

7 Best: Marie

Like Madonna, Marie mysteriously only has one name as she comes from the other world. She is the big new addition to the vita port, Persona 4: Golden. She may not be a party member, but we absolutely adored her design, love of poetry, and how she fits into Yu’s story. We don’t want to give away anything, but the way this relationship ends up is intense. This is all to say we did not see this one coming. Because of that it’s hard not to recommend players going all the way as it were with Marie.

Marie plays a prevalent part throughout Persona 4 Golden’s campaign, and her social link has to be completed in order to reach the game’s true end. In order to kick things off, the player must take Marie outside of the Velvet Room after April 18th. From then on, Marie will be available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and even during holidays. However, she will not come out of the Velvet Room if any of those fall on rainy days.

6 Worst: Ai Ebihara

Ayane may have that weird childlike face, but at least her personality was good. Ai Ebihara was extremely hard to get to know due to her negative outlook. She comes across as mean and selfish, but getting to know her will reveal how timid she is. Her willingness to open up to Yu despite her setbacks is touching, but at the same time this journey, again, was a bit of a hike and one we aren’t exactly sure Yu, or any guy, would really want to stick around for.

Ai’s social link is only accessible through the progression of the Strength social link. Once players reach rank 4, Ai will become available though players will need level 3 Courage to talk to her. From then on, the player can skip class with Ai at her request to progress things or approach her near the Classroom Building’s lockers on the first floor.

5 Best: Rise Kujikawa

Rise Kujikawa is without a doubt the cutest girl in the game. That is kind of the point as she is a pop star and all around idol. Everyone wants her, but she doesn’t want anyone else but Yu. While it’s great to get to know that she wants a more quiet life and how her fame has affected her personality, we found that she also comes across too strong. She really, and we mean really, wants it. We love Rise to death, we truly do, but there is something less appealing about a girl that easy to please. Where was the challenge?

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Rise joins the party close to the halfway point, and her social link becomes available not too long after that. Once the Investigation Team rescues her from her dungeon, Rise’s social link can be started from July 23rd onwards. Rise can be found in the 1st floor of the Classroom Building on weekdays, though she hangs around the Shopping District on holidays and weekends.

4 Worst: Yumi Ozawa

Yumi Ozawa is the last non-playable character on this list. She can be encountered if players decide to take drama. More so than band, we love the idea of Yu joining this club given his situation. That is to say it makes sense for him to want to learn how to get into acting in order to fool those around him about his true powers and what he and his friends are doing at night. Yumi and Yu’s relationship is pretty normal for a high school couple and we enjoyed how they played off each other, but like the others, she has no real direct role in Yu’s life, which is why she is on the worst side of the table.

Like Ayane, Yumi’s social link becomes available on April 25th, when the player must choose between either Band or Drama club. She can be found in the same location (1st floor of the Practice Building) on the exact same days as Ayane.

3 Best: Yukiko Amagi

Yukiko Amagi is straight up awesome. She is the book smart, devoted daughter on the outside, who is dying to let her true colors out. Meeting Yu and the rest of the party allows her to do this.

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Diving deeper into her relationship players can find out how exactly she struggles with this dynamic in real life. The best way to describe this love angle is sweet. It is kind of the most realistic one out of all the girls. That is except for our topic pick, which we will get to in a bit.

Yukiko’s social link automatically unlocks on May 17th, during Kanji’s kidnapping. From there, players can interact with her on nearly every day of the week. While at school, Yukiko is typically in front of the bulletin board on the first floor of Yasogami High. On weekends and holidays, Yukiko can be found outside the Yomenaido Bookstore.

2 Worst: Naoto Shirogane

Before we get to the best girl, we have to nominate Naoto Shirogane for the worst romance option. Don’t get us wrong. We love the idea of a female detective, but because she is introduced so late in the game, it is pretty hard to get to know her. Besides that factor there is a bigger reason why we thing Yu and Naoto shouldn’t be together. That is because she is meant for Kanji Tatsumi! Is Kanji gay? The game never says, but because Naoto looks boyish, we can at least assume he has a thing for more masculine females. They are so great together!

Naoto’s social link is only accessible fairly late in the game, and has some requirements that need to be handled before things can start. The earlist players can access her social link is on October 21st, after talking to the man in the black suit in the Central Shopping District. Players will need level 5 knowledge and courage in order to progress with her social link, and she can be found on the first floor of Yasogami High from Monday-Wednesday. On weekends and days off, Naoto typically hangs around the Samegawa Flood Plain’s park.

1 Best: Chie Satonaka

Chie Satonaka is our pick for best girl. Is she the cutest? No. Is she the sweetest? Definitely not. What drives here home for us is her loud personality. She loves kung-fu movies, steak, and being with the boys along with getting in some good girl time every once and awhile. Yukiko may be the best example of a romantic relationship in the game, but Chie is just too cool not to root for. Also because she is sort of a tomboy, she is a bit more of a challenge to win over compared to Yukiko and we always love a good challenge.

Chie’s social link is first available from April 18th onwards. She can be found on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but where you can find her varies. She’ll either be on the rooftop of Yasogami High or somewhere in the Central Shopping Street.

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