Apex Legends: 7 Bugs Players Still Want Fixed in 2021 | Game Rant


Apex Legends: 7 Bugs Players Still Want Fixed in 2021 | Game Rant

When it comes to bugs, Apex Legends just can’t get a break sometimes. It seems there have always been at least one or two game-breaking bugs in the game since the very first season – and every hotfix, update, and season adds new problems for the development team to deal with.

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While recent hotfixes have solved a lot of issues (looking at you, Ring Flare noise) there’s still plenty of glitches in the game that need to be fixed. Some don’t get in the way of the game at all and are more fun than frustrating. Others, though, are incredibly annoying and more often than not lead to one’s death or round loss.

7 Loba’s Tactical Doesn’t Work 100% Of The Time

Loba Apex Legends Ranked Champions Season 8

Loba’s tactical ability Burgular’s Best Friend, which lets her use her bracelets to teleport, barely works on some maps. In the past, this has been a consistent issue, with Respawn having to update both World’s Edge and Olympus to accommodate the thief’s toolkit.

The most recent hotfix after the Chaos Theory event fixed her ability on these two maps again, but players are still reporting major issues in King’s Canyon specifically. Perhaps it’s because the map is the oldest of the three, but whatever the cause, it’s frustrating for Loba players to have an unreliable ability in moments that require reliability.

6 Invisible Skins

Wraith Marble Goddess Broken Apex Skins You Cant Get

Players in Season 8 of Apex Legends have encountered a seriously game-breaking bug: invisible enemy players. For some reason, some skins in Apex Legends don’t show up for everybody playing. For some, they take a second to load in. For others, the skins never load in.

This results in players being ambushed by enemies they didn’t know were there. Perhaps the strangest part is that the affected players don’t have any idea they are invisible to others, as their teammates can usually see them. This is probably a client-side loading bug, but nonetheless, a solution has to be found.

5 The Season 8 Infinite Wheel Bug

Loading Screen Glitch Apex Legends

The Infinite Loading Wheel of Death was especially harsh during Apex Legends‘ Chaos Theory event. Many players reported waiting for up to 10 minutes and being unable to log into Apex on any device – console or PC. It’s a glitch that is tied to player accounts, but one that wasn’t fully fixed with the Chaos Theory hotfixes.

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While the problem is less severe than it was even a few weeks ago, many players are still being forced to quit out of the game and restart multiple times to even get into the main lobby. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it’s still something that needs to be addressed before the next season.

4 Multiple Listings Of The Same Friend

apex legends characters on a red season 8 background

In the Apex friends list, there’s a good chance for Steam friends to be listed twice instead of just once. This glitch seems to be especially prevalent for players who originally had the game installed on Origin, EA’s client, then switched to Steam when it was re-released on Valve’s platform.

This glitch has been in the game since the game transitioned over to Steam as well as other online storefronts. While it doesn’t have any particular effect on gameplay, it’s visually confusing – especially when one has a long friends list spanning different systems and clients.

3 The One vs One Deathmatch Bug…

Secret Bunker Apex Legends Kings Canyon Secrets

A strange and rare glitch some players are reporting is one that doesn’t fill a server with the typical 20/30 squads (for trios/duos, respectively). Instead, the server only has two players total. The game was never meant to be played like this, a one-on-one manhunt across an absolutely massive map.

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The glitch does appear to be rare, as most players will never have to endure the struggle of an Apex Legends one-vs-one match. However, for those looking to go up the ranks and grind out battle pass levels, it’s a huge time waste that ought to never happen in the first place.

2 …And The 4-Man Squad Bug

Similar to the one-vs-one bug, the four-man-squad bug is a glitch in how the game fills squads in a round. Usually, this occurs in duo matches, where two unwitting teams are matched together to form one mega-team.

However, clips have come out of players being put into 4-man-squads in trios, perhaps thanks to the solo drop option recently added to the game. Originally Apex Legends was supposed to have four-man-squads in addition to trios and duos, and perhaps these glitches are thanks to the remnants of that code.

1 Pathfinder Deathbox Flight (Actually, Don’t Fix This One)

Pathfinder Apex Legends Ranked Champions Season 8

The Pathfinder Deathbox Flight glitch is one that brings back fond memories of flying around King’s Canyon attached to Caustic’s Gas. The glitch works like this: find a death box, have an octane in your party throw his Jump Pad underneath and just poking out one side of the death box, then grapple onto it with pathfinder and slide across the Jump Pad.

Pathfinder will soar into the sky far above the rest of the map, and theoretically won’t come back down until he disengages his grapple hook. The glitch is fresh and likely to be patched out, so spend some time in the Firing Range to replicate this glitch before it’s too late!

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