Alpha Dog Working on Doom Mobile Game Mighty Doom | Game Rant


Alpha Dog Working on Doom Mobile Game Mighty Doom | Game Rant

Since the release of Doom Eternal, players have been wondering what is next for the series. Players have been able to enjoy the game’s latest DLC expansion, The Ancient Gods Part 2, which wrapped up the game’s story. But the franchise isn’t done yet.

Following the conclusion of Doom Eternal, players may not have to wait too long before a new Doom game comes out. Though, it won’t be one they expect. Alpha Dog, a mobile game studio, was previously acquired by Bethesda Softworks in 2019. It is known for developing games such as Wraithborne and MonstroCity: Rampage, and is currently developing a spin-off game for the Doom series called Mighty Doom.

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While both the 2016 Doom and the sequel Doom Eternal were available for consoles and PC, Mighty Doom will be a mobile game through and through. What Alpha Dog will be adding to the series is a top-down shooter where players are a smaller version of the Doom Slayer slaying demons. There’s already a trailer out for the game showing some of its gameplay.

Naturally, there will be plenty of differences between Mighty Doom and the id Software Doom games. For the most part, the game will retain the overall designs used for the Doom Slayer and the demons from the recent games. Some of the featured enemies include the Imps, the floating Cacodemons, Gargoyles, corrupted Soldiers, and the spider-like Arachnotron. However, the games diverge from there.

The trailer for Mighty Doom shows players will use various weapons as they run and gun down demons while avoiding traps. Players will even be able to perform some executions based on the Doom Glory Kill executions, like ripping out the eye of a Cacodemon. The trailer shows the game will use a card system for selecting different weapon abilities to use simultaneously in the game. Some of the abilities include a diagonal scattershot ability, rounds ricocheting off enemies, and projectiles that bounce off the environment.

There will even be bosses to fight in the game, the trailer shows the miniature Doom Slayer taking on a Cyber-Mancubus and even perform an execution on it. Currently, Mighty Doom is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. According to a Windows Central report, the game has been in early access for several months now. Reportedly, it was very difficult to find in the site’s listings or by searching for it.

According to the trailer description, players can play Mighty Doom for free now. At the time of writing, the game is currently available to download and install from the Google Play Store. Players will now be able to rip and tear through demons as the mini Doom Slayer on mobile devices.

Mighty Doom is currently available for Android.

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Leaker Teases Potential Microsoft and Nintendo Partnership Coming Later This Year

Rumor has it that when Microsoft first decided to enter into the console market, the company’s executives approached Nintendo with an offer to buy the Japanese company. They were apparently laughed out of the room. Now, some two decades later, it seems as though the two companies may once again be in discussions about some kind of partnership between the two tech giants; and, if recent rumors are to be believed, it could come to fruition later on this year.

A somewhat reputable leaker has taken to Twitter to reveal that an announcement about a deal between Microsoft and Nintendo could be coming in the fall, although they provide very little information as to what the potential partnership might actually entail. Naturally, this has led to immense speculation, with many people replying to the tweet to give their thoughts on what, if anything, might be in store. There are many different ideas, although two seem to be cropping up a lot more than others.

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The most popular suggestion is that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass may be coming to Switch, and there’s plenty to support such a hypothesis. It has long been rumored that a Switch Pro will also be announced in the autumn and a more powerful console would likely remove some of the hardware limitations that have so far prevented many of the titles on Game Pass from being ported to the Switch. This would seemingly suit both parties, enabling Nintendo to launch its rumored new console with a major line-up of titles and allowing Microsoft to bring its service to a console that sold almost twice as many units as its Xbox One.

Others, however, are hoping that Halo‘s Master Chief will instead be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Granted, this would be nowhere near as significant as Xbox Game Pass on Switch, although the character is one of the most requested DLC fighters for Smash and one of the most notable absentees from the game’s roster. Of course, it could be something completely different or, as one or two are speculating, nothing at all. With the leaker having accurately predicted the Embracer Group’s acquisition of Gearbox and Final Fantasy VII Remake appearing on PS Plus, though, most see them as a fairly credible source.

If true, this wouldn’t be the first time that either of the companies involved had teamed up with a potential rival. Prior to the release of the original Xbox, Microsoft worked closely with Sega during the development of the Dreamcast, while Nintendo once teamed up with Sony to develop a disc based version of the SNES. Neither of these partnerships proved to be particularly fruitful. Only time will tell if this one will be; assuming, that is, that it even comes to pass in the first place.

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