Outriders Fans Aren’t Happy About Upcoming Nerfs | Game Rant


Outriders Fans Aren’t Happy About Upcoming Nerfs | Game Rant

An upcoming Outriders update will include several class nerfs, and many in the community aren’t happy about it. The Technomancer and Trickster will both receive nerfs in this update as People Can Fly tries to balance the classes.

People Can Fly has updated the Outriders community as to what to expect from an upcoming update that includes nerfs to the Technomancer and Trickster class, particularly their bullet-based skills. Blighted Rounds and Twisted Rounds are abilities that will receive nerfs that cooldown timers and reducing damage buffs, and this has bothered a portion of the Outriders fanbase.

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According to People Can Fly, these class balance changes are being made in an effort to make the Technomancer and Trickster less exploitable. Gamers, particularly content creators, were exploiting the Technomancer and Trickster classes to solo all of the endgame content. These nerfs will go live in an update coming next week, to the disappointment of many Outriders fans.

Outriders fans are already familiar with online multiplayer functionality, and most of this endgame content was meant to be done with others. Many in the Outriders community are imploring People Can Fly not to let a portion of the fanbase ruin the experience for the majority of fans. Some point out that content creators have the time to farm gear, flesh out perfect builds, and discover hidden exploits, while a majority of the community doesn’t have that kind of time. Most of the fan outreach for Outriders is in support of casual players, but People Can Fly may see some of the exploits as contrary to its artistic vision of Outriders.

Considering how many Outriders fans are contacting People Can Fly in an effort to prevent these Technomancer and Trickster nerfs from going through, the developers may end up undoing some of the changes. While content creators have far more time to dedicate to grinding the game and discovering exploits, they also have communities that may see how they do things and emulate it.

While People Can Fly is rolling out some nerfs for these classes, many fans asking developers not to change things also have no idea what they will play like after the changes. Most live service games release some nerfs that are undone later, and many times people’s voices make a difference, but other times the developers realize the game plays worse after an update rolled out.

Outriders is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Monster Hunter Rise: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

Monster Hunter Rise has been received positively by most critics and fans of the long-running Monster Hunter franchise. As a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it allowed longtime fans and newcomers alike to play this game on the go. By the accounts of the majority, Monster Hunter Rise is a fantastic game. However, that doesn’t mean it’s without faults.

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Like many games, even those considered to be the best of them all, this title still has both minor and major flaws that could be tweaked. Here are a couple of issues that still hold this game back from being the best that it can be.

10 Pausing The Photo Mode

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay screenshot

One of the best things about Monster Hunter Rise is the inclusion of Photo Mode. Although it isn’t exactly integral to the overall quality of a game, the availability of a Photo Mode is something many fans have gotten used to and seek in recent games.

One thing about players often like about Photo Mode is when it allows the game to pause so the player can capture an exact moment. Naturally, this isn’t possible for online multiplayer games. Monster Hunter Rise features a single-player mode – but the Photo Mode won’t pause that either. Allowing Photo Mode to pause the game in single-player would result in more satisfying captures.

9 The Low Frame Rate

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay screenshot

More and more players now prefer frame rates over graphics. Sure, having a game with mind-blowing graphics is highly beloved by many, but a stable, high frame rate is really what makes a game incredible to play with.

This game, though, can only top at 30 frames per second. It even dips occasionally, which is such a shame. A game like this could really use a high frame rate because of its fast-paced action. Sadly, this game can’t attain that on the platform.

8 Include Difficulty Settings

monster hunter rise sandy plains location during sunset

The difficulty of Monster Hunter Rise is complicated to pinpoint precicely. A lot of people argue that it’s the easiest among the latest Monster Hunter, games while others say it’s a tad more difficult.

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Really, this all boils down to the player’s experience. It also has to do with whether players choose to go multiplayer or solo. The game could benefit from an actual difficulty setting here, even if it’s just for solo play.

7 The Ability To Shoot From A Mount

monster hunter rise palamute

One of the greatest additions this title brought to the series is the introduction of the Palamute. This cute companion can function as the player’s mount, allowing them to traverse the world much faster.

The Palamute can also assist the player during combat. However, one missing feature with this system is the ability to shoot while mounting. This would have made combat and traversal much more seamless, and made the mount an even more useful gameplay mechanic.

6 The Game Could Use More Content

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay screenshot

Because the game is still in its infancy, there’s not much content in it yet – at least, not as much as a veteran player would want. One of the most common criticisms of the game is the fact that it lacks proper endgame content.

Thankfully, the studio has already announced a roadmap for future updates. This is one issue that’s going to be fixed slowly but surely. Being a Monster Hunter game, it is only fair to expect tons of content. Fortunately, it looks the studio is going to deliver just that in the coming months.

5 There’s Little Transparency With Certain Features

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay screenshot

Monster Hunter Rise is filled with a ton of interesting features. Unfortunately, the game isn’t always upfront in revealing or explaining it to the player. This is most damaging for newcomers to the franchise, and can detract from the experience.

This is surprising, considering how Rise does explain a lot of things thoroughly at the beginning of the game. Still, there are a couple of aspects the game fails to explain properly. These include the rampage missions, SOS flare, healing from tents, and more.

4 Cutscenes Should Be Skippable

Monster Hunter Rise Lance Guard (1)

Cutscenes are integral to a game’s progression. For a game like Monster Hunter Rise, however, when it has nothing to do with the campaign, the players can do without them. This is one of the things many players have called out, most particularly the cutscenes that happen after completing a quest.

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The players have indeed found a way to skip this, but it is a very inconvenient process. This is a minor fix the game can incorporate the make the player’s experience smoother.

3 The English Dub Needs Improvement

Monster Hunter RIse Endemic Life

It is widely agreed upon that the game’s English dubbing isn’t the best out there. In fact, it is a common criticism among many Monster Hunter games. This issue is annoying at the best of times, and cringe-inducing at the worst.

A lot of players prefer the Japanese dub as it currently stands. A better English dubbing could really help this series moving forward.

2 Including A Glider

genshin impact glider

This game’s wirebug mechanic is a new addition to the series, and one of the things most players love about Monster Hunter Rise. It adds variety to the exploration and combat, and is just all-around fun to play around with.

However, another that could also make the gameplay much more interesting is the glider. Several games with a similar art direction, fluidity, and atmosphere to Monster Hunter Rise have featured a gliding mechanic, proving how efficient and fun they can be.

1 Availability On Other Platforms

nintendo switch bluetooth audio AirPods

As of now, this game is only available on the Nintendo Switch. While players know that a PC version of the game is set to come out in the future, this game’s reach will extend further if it will also become available to other platforms.

This will allow more players to get their hands on this fantastic game, growing the franchise’s audience. It will also make the multiplayer aspect of the game much more enjoyable, since not every player has friends who also own a Switch.

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