Resident Evil 8 Village Showcase Set for Next Week | Game Rant


Resident Evil 8 Village Showcase Set for Next Week | Game Rant

Back in January, Capcom hosted a special Resident Evil showcase that focused on what the company had planned for the franchise’s 25th anniversary. It was then confirmed that a second Resident Evil showcase would be taking place prior to Resident Evil Village‘s launch on May 7, though specific details weren’t revealed. Capcom has since confirmed exactly when fans can watch the Resident Evil showcase in April, and what they can expect from the event.

The next Resident Evil showcase will take place on Thursday, April 15 at 3:00pm PT. The stream will once again be hosted by Brittney Brombacher, who has revealed some of what Resident Evil fans can expect to see at the show. According to Brombacher, Capcom will be showing off a brand new trailer for Resident Evil Village, along with some never-before-seen gameplay footage. Brombacher teased some surprises as well, though fans will have to tune in on April 15 to learn more.

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While Brombacher didn’t elaborate on the Resident Evil surprises that the showcase has up its sleeve, one of the surprises is almost certainly the next demo. It was confirmed awhile ago that there would be a second Resident Evil Village demo at some point before the game’s launch, and so it would be more surprising if the showcase didn’t reveal the second demo.

With the Resident Evil Village release date coming up so soon, one can expect the April showcase to focus almost entirely on the new game. However, that doesn’t mean that other Resident Evil announcements won’t take place during the event. As some may recall, the previous Resident Evil showcase focused on more than just Resident Evil Village, like the Re:Verse multiplayer game and the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Netflix series.

It’s quite possible that the Resident Evil showcase on April 15 will also focus on more than just Resident Evil Village. Perhaps fans will learn more about the Re:Verse multiplayer game, or maybe they will get a fresh look at Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Alternatively, maybe the live-action Resident Evil movie reboot, currently titled Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, will be featured. However, it’s also possible that Capcom will exclusively focus on Resident Evil Village, so fans should keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, if a second Resident Evil Village demo is announced at the showcase, it will be interesting to see if it’s still PlayStation exclusive. While the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo was PlayStation exclusive, Capcom has previously said that the next demo would be coming to more platforms, though it’s possible that there will still be a period of exclusivity for PlayStation consoles. But that’s just speculation at this time, and Resident Evil fans will just have to tune in to the April 15 showcase to find out more.

Resident Evil Village launches May 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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