PS5 and Xbox Series X’s Early Years Might Be Defined By Annualized Games


PS5 and Xbox Series X’s Early Years Might Be Defined By Annualized Games

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively have enjoyed big success since the consoles launched in November 2020. The new generation of consoles has already earned a big following thanks to their increase in power and enhancements over the last cycle of consoles. While both consoles were launched five months ago, there hasn’t been a steady stream of games exclusive for the new generation yet. A host of titles have received PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades, and this could be indicative of how the early portion of the new console generation will be defined.

Both new consoles have several big-name upcoming titles. PlayStation 5 has some exclusives lined up, and Xbox Series X’s first-party titles should be bolstered with projects from Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda. There are some promising games lined up, but they might not see release in the early part of this console generation. With delays looming for a significant number of developers, and other factors, the early portion of the new console cycle could be defined by tried and true franchises.

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Question Marks Surrounding Big Titles

ragnarok god of war

There are many highly anticipated games in development right now, but for some of them, there is little known about when they’ll release. God of War’s sequel is touted for a 2021 launch, but many gamers feel as though it will ultimately be delayed into 2022. Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on Avowed for Microsoft platforms, but there is no release date attached to the game yet. In the absence of plentiful and anticipated titles like these, annualized games could take the spotlight.

Despite widespread game delays due to Covid-19, annual franchises like Call of Duty, Madden NFL, and NBA 2K don’t seem to have been quite as significantly affected as other titles. With other, non-annualized games seemingly being hampered by the global pandemic more so, annual franchises could be highlighted more to fill that void. There is a chance that annualized games could increase their market share due to the gap left by other anticipated releases.

Cross-Generational Annual Games

call of duty black ops cold war bow user

Some annual franchises like Call of Duty delve into cross-generational launches. In the past, this meant that there would be two distinct versions of a game released, one for the past generation, and one for new generation consoles. With the transition to the ninth console generation, there are more paths than ever available for upgrading games bought for the previous generation. It’s common practice for developers to now release free or paid upgrades for certain titles, to bring them up to a certain standard for new consoles.

This could mean, for example, that a gamer could buy Call of Duty on PlayStation 4 and later upgrade it to the Ps5 version. If there are fewer new generation-only games, a player might be more inclined to upgrade titles they already own. Cross-generation bundles from the likes of EA and 2K have been used in recent months, and with the potential absence of other AAA, new-generation games, this is a practice that could continue.

Some Annualized Franchises Are Very Popular Anyway

FIFA 21 logo over soccer player shooting goal

The likes of FIFA and CoD are immensely popular franchises, and are also annual features on the gaming calendar. For years, these games have proven to be sustainably popular throughout several console generations. These series always seem to transition well to the next generation, without losing any significant following. Under the usual circumstances, these titles would likely be popular anyway, but with the uncertainty surrounding other major games, popular annual games could be in the spotlight more so than they have in years.

While the likes of the new God of War, Hogwarts Legacy, and Halo Infinite have experienced delays, the turnaround on popular annual games seems to be less affected by comparison. Annualized games could see a larger market share in the early stage of the new console generation due to other titles being delayed. While games like these have been popular for years, there could be a larger market share at stake for a while. The global pandemic is ongoing and affecting major game releases, meaning that this could be a time to shine for annualized franchises.

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Corpse, Sykkuno, Stranger Things Actors Set to Play Among Us on Jimmy Fallon

The last year has seen the rise of multiple streamers across Twitch and YouTube as people were kept at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Three of those streamers – CorpseHusband, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae – saw a notable boom in their audiences and are now considered three of the biggest streamers online playing games like Among Us and Valorant. They’ve shown no signs of slowing down, either, as their next game of Among Us will be alongside Jimmy Fallon and two of the stars from Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things.

Among Us is the online deception game from InnerSloth LLC which released in 2018 but exploded in popularity over the last year. This was thanks to streamers like the aforementioned Sykkuno and Valkyrae playing alongside other notable streamers like Pokimane, DisguisedToast, xQcCow, and Ludwig. InnerSloth released the fourth and largest map to date, Airship, on March 31, 2021.

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Valkyrae tweeted on Monday herself, CorpseHusband, and Sykkuno would be playing their next game of Among Us on Tuesday with Jimmy Fallon on the late night host’s Twitch channel. It also marks the official debut of Fallon on Twitch.

Fallon isn’t the only one from The Tonight Show playing, either, as The Roots’ Questlove, Tariq Trotter, and Kirk Douglas will playing as well. On top of that, Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo will try to kill, deceive, and survive as part of the special stream. Among Us community director Victoria Tran was later confirmed to be the final player in the game.

Valkyrae added the stream will also be aired on a later episode of The Tonight Show, likely in an edited version highlighting the stream’s best moments.

Fallon is hardly the first mainstream personality to hop on the Among Us train as several notable celebrities, influencers, and even politicians have hopped onboard. One of the biggest Among Us games streamed in the past year saw New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez make her Twitch debut playing alongside Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse, Pokimane, HasanAbi, DrLupo, and other popular players to encourage people to get out and vote ahead of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. It was an instant success and remains one of the most viewed Twitch broadcasts in the platform’s history.

Some other notable personalities who have enjoyed the deception game include musicians Logic and T-Pain, actor Jason Mewes, and social media influencer James Charles.

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