10 Most Breathtaking Locations In Grand Theft Auto V | Game Rant


10 Most Breathtaking Locations In Grand Theft Auto V | Game Rant

Rockstar Games has consistently been at the forefront of delivering excellence through its video games, and one need only look at the massive success of Grand Theft Auto V to understand why this is the case. Initially coming out as a stellar single-player experience that was very much a must-play in every sense, Rockstar ended up going above and beyond the call of duty for this title, integrating a first-person perspective and also adding an Online functionality that has taken over the world by storm.

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A big part of what makes Grand Theft Auto V such a timeless and magical experience is the incredible design of its open-world, featuring a bunch of unique and interesting locales that will stick with players long after they’re finished with this brilliant experience. Keeping this in mind, here are ten of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations present in Grand Theft Auto V.

10 Tataviam Mountains

Tataviam Mountains in GTAV

There is a slew of beautiful locales in Grand Theft Auto V, but the Tataviam Mountains stands a cut above the rest because of its beautiful places right between the rural and urban areas of Los Santos.

This area is based on the San Jacinto Mountains of Riverside County and can prove to be quite a scenic and beautiful locale for players wanting to witness the masterful open-world design of this title.

9 Tongva Hills

Tongva Hills in GTAV

There are many places that look beautiful when the sun is setting in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, but not many can match the view from Tongva Hills in this regard.

The little streams and waterfalls scattered all across this area are beautiful enough as is, and watching the orange rays of the setting sun bounce off of these reflective surfaces is a treat to witness in every sense of the word.

8 Vespucci Beach

However, there’s another place where people can catch the sunset and be more than appeased by the views — Vespucci Beach. This area is clearly Rockstar’s take on the famous Venice Beach, and this certainly shows in every aspect of its design.

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The area is populated with NPCs going about their day, making this area feel all the more lively and invigorating to explore. It certainly helps that the landscape also features interesting sights, including a massive Ferris Wheel that is surprisingly beautiful to witness.

7 Alamo Sea

Alamo Sea in GTAV

At a glance, it might seem like the seas and oceans of Grand Theft Auto V are nothing more than vast expanses of water with nothing to do. However, people who share this notion have clearly never explored the beautiful Alamo Sea.

Driving around the shores of this sea in a boat — or even flying around in a slow plane — is surprisingly calming and makes for a rather underrated highlight in a game that usually sells itself on promoting bombastic action and zany humor over anything else.

6 Paleto Forest

Paleto Forest in GTAV

Paleto Forest is a vase expanse of wilderness where pollen can also fill up the air at times to make for a genuinely breathtaking landscape. It’s too bad that this area is populated with bears that will force players to occasionally go into action mode, ruining their enjoyment of this scenic location.

For players who want to explore the areas around Paleto without being hounded by animals, there’s a way better place to explore — namely, the town near this area itself.

5 Paleto Bay

The small town of Paleto Bay is easily one of the best places to explore in the game, featuring a quaint and calming aesthetic that will keep fans occupied with its innate charm and hypnotizing views. This town is based on the real-life area of Fillmore and is the perfect depiction of small-town America in Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s easily a much better place to explore for players who wish to avoid attacks from bears, that’s for sure. Along with this, people who get bored of the town in itself can always choose to roam around the nearby Paleto Cove instead as well.

4 Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is a legendary location in the Grand Theft Auto series, featured quite prominently in San Andreas and rearing its majestic head in Grand Theft Auto V as well.

While this place might be infamous for featuring one of the most obtuse easter eggs around, one can’t deny that the place itself looks absolutely majestic and a complete treat to explore at times as well!

3 Mount Gordo

Another mountain that is notorious for featuring a supernatural encounter — the fact that there’s a ghost in Mount Gordo is definitely not the only reason why people should explore this location.

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The Mount Gordo cliffside can be an absolute treat to explore, and the lighthouse present near this area is eerily beautiful in its own way as well.

2 Banham Canyon

Banham Canyon in GTAV

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about breathtaking locations in Grand Theft Auto V without mentioning the incredibly designed canyons present in this game.

While Banham Canyon isn’t an area where one can just get off and admire the views, one has to admit that driving through the winding roads of this area — preferably in a fast sports car or something along the same lines — is easily one of the most satisfying moments in the game.

1 Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon in GTAV

However, when it comes to talking about the most breathtaking location in Grand Theft Auto V, nothing comes close to the serene beauty of Raton Canyon. It’s a visual treat full to the brim with mountains, cliffs, rivers, streams, and everything else along the same lines scattered all throughout the location.

Players who manage to catch a sunset — or even a sunrise, for that matter — in this location will definitely be able to enjoy one of the most memorable moments in the entire game.

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Outriders: Every Legendary Assault Rifle | Game Rant

Those who do not equip an Assault Rifle as one of their two primary weapons in Outriders do so at their own risk. These guns, like in many other shooters, are a fantastic jack-of-all-trades weapon. Enemies have no safe zone against them and their moderate fire rate cuts down on the time they can stay in cover and expect to survive. Groups online will be shocked if teammates don’t have at least one of these weapons somewhere in their inventory.

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And why not? There are several different flavors of Assault Rifles and one is sure to fit into even the most niche of character builds. Then when the legendary guns start dropping, things get really spicy. While players will always debate if an SMG or Sniper Rifle is better considering the challenges that the late-game presents, nobody will debate the efficacy of a legendary Assault Rifle in the hands of a pro gamer.

Master Tool

Outriders Master Tool In Game Picture

  • Killing shots summon a bullet-stopping dome for 5 seconds (5-second cooldown).
  • Killing an enemy with 30% or less ammo in the magazine immediately replenishes the magazine.

The Master Tool is getting a lot of flak online for not being a great Assault Rifle. Those who have tested out the high World Tier endgame have been its biggest opponents. Their issue? It’s not an Assault Rifle at all.

The clip size is a measly fifteen. The Dome of Protection mod blocks bullets, which is great, except that it only works with killing shots. When the weapon is having trouble killing anything at all, that doesn’t inspire much goodwill for the weapon.


Outriders Thunderbird In Game Picture

  • Shots deal extra lightning damage.
  • 30% of critical damage is returned as health.

Some class builds feel overpowered while others need a boost to get to the late-game content. Classes that have invested heavily into Anomaly Power need guns too.

The Thunderbird is a solid choice for casters because it amplifies status effects and supplements bullet damage with lightning damage. The health returned on critical strikes is also popular with headshot masters.

Time Ripper

Outriders Time Ripper In Game Picture

  • Shots inflict Slow.
  • Critical shots increase critical damage by 50% for 5 seconds.

There’s nothing that makes soloing easier (aside from changing a class) like a great Assault Rifle. The Time Ripper will make solo players incredibly happy because of how it has a great synergy all by itself.

The mods will inflict Slow on enemies which makes them easier to hit in their weak points and do critical hits. Getting a critical hit will increase critical damage by 50% for five full seconds.

Absolute Zero

Outriders Absolute Zero In Game Picture

  • Shots inflict Freeze.
  • Shots inflict Vulnerable (4-second cooldown).

The Absolute Zero is another gun that doesn’t require player abilities in order to make a perfect storm for opponents. It begins with the increase to status power in the gun’s attributes.

Then the gun provides a whopping two status effects through mods. The first inflicts Vulnerable and the next inflicts Freeze. The freeze mod, incredibly, has no cooldown at all, which likely is why the gun has the name that it does.

The Juggler

Outriders The Juggler In Game Picture

  • The first shot after a reload launches an Anomaly projectile that deals damage in a 5-meter radius.
  • Killing shots create explosions that deal damage in a 5-meter radius.

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Doing damage and surviving are the two core metrics in most video games. Gamers have to “juggle” between these two critical aspects in Outriders and this is why the Juggler is here to save the day.

The massive Leech on the weapon helps stay alive. Then the two mods both do huge quantities of area damage. Mobs get unruly as the difficulty is increased, making this gun a solid go-to for almost every class during crunch time.

Heir To The Desert

Outriders Heir To The Desert In Game Picture

  • Shots deal extra damage over 5 seconds (5-second cooldown).
  • Shots inflict Bleed (8-second cooldown).

Most Assault Rifles are packing about thirty to forty bullets per clip, but the Heir to the Desert has sixty shots per magazine, the most in its class. The Bleed damage stacks with the status power increase against bosses nicely.

The unique Sandstorm mod is the shining star of the gun, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies. It’s a damage over time effect to go along with the strong critical damage buff.

Inferno Seed

Outriders Inferno Seed In Game Picture

  • Critical hits explode, dealing damage and inflicting Burn to enemies within a 5-meter radius (3-second cooldown).
  • Critical shots do not consume ammo.

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The Inferno Seed has become a favorite among the pro players who have no issue targeting weak points. The armor-piercing attribute on the gun makes this one of the highest-damage selections against bosses.

Both mods reward critical strikes. Brain-Eater allows players to keep the ammunition they get when scoring a critical hit, meaning an accurate player will never run dry on bullets. Critical strikes also apply Burn in an area to help with single targets and groups alike.

Voodoo Matchmaker

Outriders Voodoo Matchmaker In Game Picture

  • Shots link up to three enemies, dealing 30% of their weapon damage and 10% of their Anomaly damage to them.
  • Shots inflict Vulnerable (8-second cooldown).

World Tier difficulty acts in an exponential and not an incremental way. Enemies will do much more damage with each step. And this particular effect is why the Voodoo Matchmaker is matchless in high-tier environments.

The Life Leech is helpful and Vulnerability will expose tough targets every eight seconds. But the best part of this gun is the Ultimate Damage Link, which deals damage based on the enemy’s own firepower. Glass cannons turn into broken glass rapidly when struck by bullets from this Assault Rifle.

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