‘World of Demons’ re-emerges with surprise release on Apple Arcade


‘World of Demons’ re-emerges with surprise release on Apple Arcade

PlatinumGames has released its latest action title World of Demons on Apple Arcade.

While a surprise release, the game was actually revealed back in 2018 intended as a free-to-play mobile title with in-app purchases for both iOS and Android.

The samurai game set in a world of Japanese mythology was originally designed to use touch controls that stayed faithful to PlatinumGames’ acclaimed fast-paced action games. This version however also supports controllers.


The launch trailer showcasing World of Demons‘ high-octane action and traditional Japanese art style can be viewed below.

Following its original 2018 announcement, World of Demons soft-launched in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia that summer on iOS with plans of Android to follow.

However, in early 2019, PocketGamer.biz reported that the title had been pulled from the App Store, leading to the belief that the game had been cancelled.

According to the trailer, World of Demons is now an Apple Arcade exclusive. As it is included in the subscription service, it should also mean that all items and yokai you can acquire to increase the player’s power can all be accessed without in-app purchases.


It’s not the only surprise mobile release, as the first part of JRPG Fantasian, from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, has also released on Apple Arcade today (April 2).

PlatinumGames has many other upcoming projects including Project G.G. and Babylon’s Fall. Studio director Hideki Kamiya has also promised Bayonetta 3 updates later this year.

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JRPG ‘Fantasian’ is out now on Apple Arcade

Fantasian, the latest JRPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, has launched on Apple Arcade today (April 2).

The release is the first of two parts, with the second half of the game due later this year, as Siliconera reports.

Fantasian is the latest release from Sakaguchi’s studio Mistwalker, which he founded in 2004 after leaving Square Enix.


Although the studio had the financial backing of Microsoft, which led to two Xbox 360 titles Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, it has developed exclusively for mobile since 2012. Fantasian has not been confirmed for release on any other platforms.

Fantasian. Credit: Mistwalker

Fantasian is a traditional JRPG influenced by the Final Fantasy titles Sakaguchi created, directed and oversaw during his employment at Square (now Square Enix).

The game features an amnesiac hero called Leo, random turn-based battles, and music from celebrated Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Most notably, the in-game environments – while resembling the pre-rendered backdrops of Final Fantasy titles from the PS1 generation – actually consist of over 150 hand-made dioramas.


In an interview with VGC, Sakaguchi has said that Fantasian may be his last game. Uematsu has also said he thinks Fantasian could be the last video game soundtrack he will create.

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy XIV is getting an open beta on PS5 this month.

Square Enix had also previously announced that two Final Fantasy VII games are coming to mobile. However, the mobile reboot of Final Fantasy XI has been cancelled.

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