Mass Effect: Andromeda, Returnal, and Outriders Seemingly Share Similar Sci-fi Roots


Mass Effect: Andromeda, Returnal, and Outriders Seemingly Share Similar Sci-fi Roots

So many games and studios can sympathize with one another over the struggles of development during the COVID-19 epidemic. Outriders is only one of many games that got delayed because of the difficulty of developing a game during 2020. It seems that every studio had to delay something because of the pandemic. However, Outriders has something else in common with a fair few games, and it’s somewhat surprising. Outriders is a game about human spacefarers trying to colonize a planet called Enoch. The players are trying to trace down a signal of some kind, believing it to be crucial to human efforts to survive on the hostile environment of Enoch.

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Outriders isn’t the only upcoming game about tracing a signal on an alien planet, though, as Returnal has a strikingly similar plot. A human astronaut named Selene comes to a planet named Atropos and crashes there. Although she’s trapped on the planet, she devotes herself to tracking down a signal somewhere on Atropos that seems to be calling to her. Past games have done similar things. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the protagonist is also a human trapped in space, far away from home. In spite of being so far from Earth, the player is tasked with traveling to a faraway planet for the sake of humanity. It’s sort of odd that so many games in recent history have been about humans seeking out distant planets in this way.

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Space Exploration in Gaming

outriders demo preview

There’s a few reasons that so many games might be doing this. For one, there’s a lot of creative freedom to be had in setting a game on an alien planet. Returnal players will be able to sympathize with Selene’s unfamiliarity with her environment. Alien planets like Enoch and Atropos are compelling to explore exactly because players have no idea what to expect. Writers can come up with all kinds of lore for alien planets, much in the same way that fantasy games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim are at extreme liberty to define their settings.

The focus on chasing signals from the depths of space is fairly logical too. One of the enduring questions of human existence is if Earth is the only populated planet in the universe. Humans everywhere dream of receiving a signal from an alien planet and getting the chance to learn about other life in our galaxy. Outriders and Returnal play on humanity’s desire to learn more about outer space and the hope to connect with alien life. A quest to discover and make a connection with an alien civilization is therefore a pretty compelling plot for a sci-fi game to follow, so lots of game developers have taken such a structure for a spin.

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Beyond the Stars

returnal delayed

Plenty of games besides Returnal, Outriders, and Mass Effect: Andromeda have their own plots based on structures like this. For instance, No Man’s Sky has a plot that’s all about chasing a mysterious signal across the galaxy. From the very beginning of the game, the player is encouraged to find the source of a cryptic message, exploring all kinds of planets and meeting aliens of all kinds in the process. It’s not just video games that do this, either. Classic movies like Star Wars: A New Hope involve receiving a mysterious message and blasting off into space in search of its source.

It’s clear that exploring an unknown planet or chasing a signal from outer space isn’t uncharted territory for sci-fi media. While some might view it as a cliche, it doesn’t have to detract the experience of spacefaring games. Outriders and Returnal can wield this structure to great success as long as they provide plenty of interesting context around the signal for players to engage with. Good lore makes a difference when writing such a traditional plot. As long as the developers of Returnal and Outriders devote time to their settings and characters, the plot at the heart of them all will be gripping.

Outriders releases April 1, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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The Life is Strange Franchise Has Always Been About One Beautiful Thing

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Persona 5 Strikers: Junk Collection Request Guide | Game Rant

In Persona 5 Strikers, one way for players to obtain a considerable amount of XP and gear is through the game’s requests system. Shortly after completing the Shibuya jail, Persona 5 Strikers players will unlock the request system which tasks them with returning to previously conquered Jails to complete new objectives.

After completing the Sendai jail, the Phantom Thieves will partner with the university researcher Ichinose, who tasks the player with obtaining specific items from the metaverse for her to analyze. Throughout the duration of the campaign, Ichinose will issue the player with 9 separate requests to obtain a number of specific items.

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Like the Prison Mail requests, the Junk Collection requests are not missable and can be completed at any point in the game. Additionally, the Junk Collection requests can be repeated for additional rewards unlike most requests in Persona 5 Strikers.

persona 5 strikers request menu

As players progress through Persona 5 Strikers’ jails, they will continually receive new Junk Collection requests that unlock on specific days. For players who are struggling to complete certain Junk Collection requests, there are two primary methods of obtaining the required items from the jail locations.

joker shibuya

The first method of completing the junk requests is by collecting the floating junk cubes scattered throughout the jails. Most jails in Persona 5 Strikers have a large starting location which is ideal for farming the cubes for specific items. Unfortunately, because the items obtained from the floating cubes are entirely random, this can result in the player having to leave the jail in order for the cubes to respawn.

The second method of completing the junk requests is by obtaining the items required from mini-boss fights. When players trigger a battle in Persona 5 Strikers, certain enemies will be mini-bosses that take considerably more damage than normal enemies. While the fights are significantly more challenging than normal enemy mobs, players are rewarded with high-level tech items and equipment.

Because the items requested by Ichinose are typically rare tech items, there is a good chance that they will drop after beating a mini-boss. As a result, when progressing through a specific jail location, players should make a mental note of what enemy locations spawn mini-bosses in case they require a rare item for a junk collection request later on.

persona 5 strikers mini boss reward

The final important tip to consider when planning to complete the junk requests is to be careful of what items are sold to Sophia’s shop. One of the primary means of obtaining currency is Persona 5 Strikers is by selling the various junk items obtained in the metaverse to Sophia’s shop. But in many cases, certain items that may appear useless at first may end up being a requirement for completing a junk request later on in the campaign. As a result, players should plan ahead and find out what items they will be required to turn in for requests later on in the game and be sure not to sell them for a quick profit in Sophia’s shop.

Attached below are the dates, locations, items required, and rewards for all 9 junk collection requests.

August 8th: Junk Collection 1: Location: Shibuya Jail/Item Required: 15 Chipped Microchips/Reward: Hacker Gear MK.2 (Futaba gear)

August 11th: Junk Collection 2: Location: Sendai Jail/ Item Required: 12 Strange Circuits/ Reward: Extortionist Bonk Skill level cap increase/ Repeat Reward: 28,8000 yen

August 17th: Junk Collection 3: Location: Sapporo Jail/ Item Required: 12 Integrated Circuits/ Reward: Resilient Scarf (Morgana gear)/ Repeat Reward: 54,000 yen

August 23rd: Junk Collection 4: Location: Okinawa Jail/ Item Required: 12 Strange Discs/ Reward: Hacker Gear MK.4 (Futaba gear)/ Repeat Reward: 60,000 yen

August 24th: Junk Collection 5: Location: Kyoto Jail/ Item Required: 9 Suspicious Text Data/ Reward: Masquerade Whip (Panther gear)/ Repeat Reward: 72,000 yen

August 24th: Junk Collection 6: Location: Osaka Jail/ Item Required: 9 Vague Files Lists/ Reward: Rune Amulet/ Repeat Reward: 84,000 yen

August 28th: Junk Collection 7: Location: Osaka Jail/ Item Required: 12 Odd Reports/ Reward: SP Insense/ Repeat Reward: 90,000 yen

August 30th: Junk Collection 8: Location: Abyss Jail/ Item Required: 15 Illegible Documents/ Reward: Ruyi Jingu Bang S (Skull gear)/ Repeat Reward: 102,000 yen

August 30th: Junk Collection 9: Location: Tree of Knowledge/ Item Required: 15 Unnatural Samples/ Reward: New armor in stock at Sophia’s shop/ Repeat Reward: 120,000 yen

Persona 5 Strikers is available now on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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