Valheim: 10 Things You Need To Know About PvP | Game Rant


Valheim: 10 Things You Need To Know About PvP | Game Rant

From streamers to casual gamers, everyone has been caught up in the gaming craze that is Valheim. This survival adventure through Viking purgatory has captured the hearts of players with its new twists on genre mechanics and its enjoyable theme.

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With the game breaking concurrent player records, fans may be looking for a new way to spice up their experiences with the title. PvP play in Valheim is an interesting prospect for those looking to add a bit more competition to their survival experience. With a bit of knowledge going in, players will be able to engage in battle and gain glory in Asgard.

10 PvP Is Done On Specific Servers

Valheim Server Creation

PvP play doesn’t just start at random in the game. When prospective Viking warriors want to set up a server f0r battle, they will first have to select the option to create a p2p-based play session. From there, players will have to decide if they will have a public or private server. Finally, users have to turn on the PvP option from the Inventory Screen.

9 Players Must Initiate Duels To Fight

Valheim Duel

Once players have joined a PvP server, they won’t be able to just hunt down other players indiscriminately. Vikings must propose a dual with their opponent, who has the choice whether they want to accept or deny the challenge to battle. This makes it so someone with Black Metal gear isn’t challenging a new player with anything but a torch to fight with.

8 What Happens Upon Player Death

Valheim screenshot avatar building spawn point bed in shelter

In a duel to the death, it comes as no surprise that one Viking isn’t going to come out of the battle alive. Just like when fighting one of the many bosses or enemies in the game, players will drop all of their items upon death and be transported to the last bed they slept in.

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If playing with friends, it’s possible for the winner to simply guard their opponent’s gear until they can return to retrieve it. When joining random public servers, players can simply pick up the gear and use it for themselves or sell it to the trader. Make sure to go into battle prepared to lose everything.

7 Players Can’t Cheat In PvP

Cheats Valheim

Vikings wondering if they can use console commands to get an edge in battle will find themselves disappointed. While the person running the server can still use Server Admin Commands, cheats like spawning the flaming sword Dyrnwyn are unavailable in multiplayer servers. This keeps the playing field even so no one can cheat their way to a victory.

6 The Best Weapons Makes A Big Difference

Black Metal Weapons

It may come as no surprise but using the best weapons will be a major determining factor in who wins the battle. Swords are the most efficient weapons for dealing damage in the game in terms of how fast they swing and how must damage they deal.

Still, having more range by using a bow, especially the Draugr Fang, can also be useful. Make sure to know the best weapons in the game and what is available to battle with when going into PvP battles.

5 Good Armor Makes Or Breaks Battles

Troll Hide Armor Valheim

While it might be tempting to get the bulkiest armor in the game to prevent damage dealt, this isn’t always the best option to choose. Troll Hide armor is strong while not hampering movement. Being able to dodge attacks may be a better strategy to take less damage overall but it’s a far more risky prospect. Vikings should choose their armor wisely based on their abilities in battle.

4 A Proper Diet Is Important For Victory

Cooking Food

As eating good food provides health and stamina bonuses in Valheim, players that want to win in a PvP match should make sure they go in on a full stomach. Meat-based foods provide the largest bonuses so players will want to make sure they focus on eating those to find success.

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Some of the best food items in the game include Blood Pudding, Lox Meat Pie, and Serpent Stew. For players earlier on in the game, simple sausages combined with Queen’s Jam can work as well.

3 Keeping Comfort Levels High Helps Vikings Win

Bed Valheim

In other survival games, decorating is purely a matter of aesthetics. In Valheim, it’s built into the game as part of the comfort mechanics. Players who have a high comfort meter will have their health and stamina drain slower, giving them an edge in battle. Make sure to have a good bed, trophies on the walls, and a roaring campfire to keep Vikings happy and ready for battle.

2 It Won’t Be Like A Battle Royale

Portal Valheim

Unlike other survival games that can have massive amounts of players on each server, Valheim is limited to ten people. There won’t be a 100 Viking free for all happening here!

Especially with how people have to challenge each other to consensual duels, players can expect far less chaos on their PvP servers than they might find in other games.

1 Valheim Isn’t Focused On PvP

valheim wishbone

Valheim is a game best played with friends where everyone works together to survive and thrive in Viking purgatory. It is not designed with PvP being the forefront in terms of mechanics unlike other games in the survival genre.

While the developers have promised more “multiplayer interactions” in the Valheim Road Map, there is no word on if PvP will become a larger part of the experience in the future. For now, the game has a serious focus on cooperative play.

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