Overwatch: Aspen Hits Rank 1 in Competitive Play | Game Rant


Overwatch: Aspen Hits Rank 1 in Competitive Play | Game Rant

Prominent Overwatch streamer Becca ‘Aspen’ Rukavina has reached the top of the competitive ladder. After plenty of matches, the player has become the number 1 support player in ranked Overwatch.

The core of Blizzard’s first-person team shooter relies on fast-paced PvP action between two teams of 6. For those who want to show off their ability, Overwatch’s competitive mode matchmaking places competitors based on a skill rating. Of the 6 players, Aspen fell into the support category, which involves heroes that heal and buff allies. Though this role relies heavily on the team, the streamer managed to make it to the top.

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A few days back, Aspen revealed on Twitter that she had gotten to rank one for Overwatch, the highest available. When it was all said and done, her skill rating was 4704, a huge step up from the average player level of around 2500. Afterward, a series of other pro players took to the web to congratulate Aspen. From Linkzr of the Vancouver Titans to professional league casters like Custa, the streamer saw a lot of praise for her achievement.

Of course, many followers were interested in how exactly Aspen managed to get all the way to the top spot. Some thought Mercy, possibly due to her versatility, but the player specified Baptiste and Lucio as the go-to heroes. This is because both facilitate the meta-strategy, rush, which sees a speed-boosted Reinhardt running in to crush the enemy team quickly. With old methods like GOATs now impossible, alternative characters like Baptiste seem to be key to reaching a high rank. Though unsurprisingly, Aspen also emphasizes that players looking to climb should avoid getting angry and communicate with allies.

With Overwatch being a 5 year old game, it is great to see some change in the ranks. As veterans retire or move on to other titles, new players can rise to the top and gain acclaim. But even in this situation, it sounds like Aspen has a mindset that is deserving of the top rank. Not only is she willing to try out innovative, rather than previously dominant strategies, but she believes in a positive attitude and working as a team. Due to the game’s three roles, working together like a well-oiled machine and picking the best Overwatch support heroes is imperative if aiming to rise up.

While the position was earned, there is no telling how long Aspen will hold the title. Since Overwatch still brings in a big audience of players, many of them will be constantly working to reach the top. Nevertheless, those interested in the competitive scene should be checking out Aspen due to her top-ranking skills.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Fans Are Asking for A Firing Range Feature

Into its second season of integration with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the massively popular Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale has met with a few hiccups along the way as the game continues to be tweaked. With the Black Ops Cold War weapons receiving nerfs since Season 2 started, some players looking to find the right gun are getting frustrated with being unable to test their loadouts quickly and easily.

While there are a number of content creators who produce videos making recommendations on best setups, sometimes fans like to try their own unique builds, and testing takes time. Players like NICKMERCS might have LC10 SMG loadouts that hit hard, but perhaps a player wants to try something that the pros and streamers aren’t talking about. If someone wants to create a setup for the Model 680 shotgun, there are few places to test it, so fans are looking for Raven Software to add a firing range to Warzone.

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Picking up momentum online is a request for Call of Duty: Warzone to add a firing range for players to test weapon builds. Fans insist it doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate, it can even just be a wall with targets on it, but the need is apparent. Fans point to previous Call of Duty titles that included a feature like this, including COD: Advanced Warfare, and COD: World War II. A firing range would mean that players don’t have to dive into Plunder to test weapons, representing a simple quality of life change that many in the community would appreciate.

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for Call of Duty developers to respond to fan requests. Treyarch recently took fan feedback on its Black Ops Cold War multiplayer maps and implemented changes to make them more player-friendly. Fans identified areas for improvement, where unfair advantages could be gained, and the response by the developer has been well received. Communication with the player base goes a long way to keeping fans happy and continuing to play.

As games with continuous support become more common, part of that equation is that the support works both ways. It becomes more of an ongoing dialogue between developer and fans, where fan support for a game is contingent on the content being produced by the developer, and if the game isn’t delivering or listening to feedback those fans may jump ship. The rumors that Call of Duty: Warzone is heading for a complete map change will be a real test of that relationship, as fans may have strong opinions about a new map. It might be a stretch to expect a firing range to show up in Warzone, but fans remain hopeful.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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