How Long Was Red Dead Redemption 2 In Development? | Game Rant


How Long Was Red Dead Redemption 2 In Development? | Game Rant

Rockstar continued its dominance of open world gaming with the 2010 release of Red Dead Redemption, setting a new benchmark for the studio and genre. While fans and critics were in awe of the stunning representation of the old west and immersive gameplay, Rockstar was only just getting started, with very early development on Red Dead Redemption 2 beginning shortly after the release of the original game.

The gap between the first and second game ultimately clocked in at nearly a decade, with eight years of total development to bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to life. With so many details to keep track of for such an ambitious project, so much transpired in the lengthy production of this staggering sequel, all the way from its early days all the way to its release on store shelves.

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From Los Santos to the Old West

gta rockstar red dead

Of course, in between Red Dead Redemption and its sequel, Rockstar unleashed a juggernaut onto the gaming scene in 2013 with Grand Theft Auto 5, which maintains high sales numbers to this day. Originally launching at the tail end of the PS3/360 generation, Grand Theft Auto 5 was then later ported the following year to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with an assortment of technical improvements to take advantage of the more powerful hardware.

Although on the outside this may have just appeared to be standard procedure in terms of remaster work, but behind the scenes at Rockstar, this process was crucial to the production of Red Dead Redemption 2. The work on the remaster helped the studio become comfortable working with the new hardware, learning its many technical parameters and what could be achieved with the specs inside the machines. This information acquired during the impressive graphical jumps GTA 5 made between generations helped Rockstar better understand what was possible with the consoles at hand, providing a better blueprint for how to map out the ultimate vision of an interactive wild, wild west.

Red Dead Development

With story outlines for the game being completed by late 2012, actual development on the title began. Not long into the process, Rockstar came to realize that its initial plan to divide the work amongst a number of different studios was far too cumbersome to organize, so it opted to instead merge all of these teams into one large unit made up of nearly 2000 employees, with a production budget in the 100 million dollar range making it one of the most expensive games in the past decade.

Shortly thereafter, recording sessions for the extensive dialogue within the game had begun, with Roger Clark being chosen to portray Red Dead Redemption 2‘s lead character Arthur Morgan. Rockstar also made a very conscious decision at this time in development, to only allow the player to control one character at a time, as opposed to Grand Theft Auto 5‘s three principal protagonists. This was to follow the philosophy of wanting to create a truly immersive and realistic game world that felt less like a list of missions and a place that could be explored at each gamer’s own individual pace.

These ideas of immersion permeated throughout all aspects of the design, all to ensure that the player felt as connected to the locations as possible. This ranged from the player being part of a gang constantly on the move, each with unique personalities to smaller details like having to wait for facial hair to grow before shave it or having to polish firearms to maintain proper functionality. So much care and attention was put into the development in fact that gamers still find stunning details in Red Dead Redemption 2 long after its initial release.

Fruits of Labor

Xbox Game Pass looses RDR 2

After four years of deep development and rumors beginning to mount within the industry, Rockstar felt it time to show the official reveal trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 16, 2016. Initially slated for late 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2 had to be delayed not once, but twice in order to ensure the highest level of quality and polish possible.

Ultimately, the marketing saw players stunned by the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay overview trailer released in August of 2018, only elevating the level of hype to astronomical levels ahead of the October launch just two months later. From initial concepts to complete game, Red Dead Redemption 2 was an eight year investment for the many members in a massive production team of a multi-million dollar budget game which Rockstar finally released to the world on October 26, 2018, hotly anticipating what the public reception would be.

The game was a near instant sensation, raking in huge praise from players and gaming critics alike as well as becoming the second gigantic financial win in a row for Rockstar. Within a matter of days after its launch, Red Dead Redemption 2 outpaced the original’s sales with a whopping 17 million total number of units sold to consumers (which is over half of its total sales numbers to date), putting another hit under Rockstar’s belt. It was a long hard road to complete its most grand scale adventure yet, but Rockstar yet again proved why it is the best in the business.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All East Anglia Wealth Locations & How To Reach Them

Looking for one of the best RPGs released in 2020? Look no further than Assassin’s Creed Valhalla! The game is bursting with content and its immersive Viking world offers countless hours of entertainment for anyone that chooses to adventure through it. It’s a wholly unique game in the franchise that is a must-buy for gaming fans.

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We know some gamers are completionists and want to hunt down every single item in the game. There are sixteen Wealth Locations in East Anglia where players can hunt down Ability Cargo, Nickel Ingots, and various pieces of gear. With a bit of knowledge, tracking all of them down becomes a piece of cake!

Beodricsworth – Cargo #1

The best way to get this Cargo is to do so during the Beodricsworth Raid in the south of East Anglia. Players need to head east from the Black Bourn River. Players can head into the courtyard where they’ll spot the statue in the center. Players should then turn left and head into the building nearby, marked with white and golden banners hanging outside.

Once players enter the building,  they need to head down a long hallway while keeping an eye out for a large chest to their left. Players then need to call in an AI helper to loot the Cargo and get the goods.

Beodricsworth – Cargo #2

Beodricsworth - Cargo #2

Players should return to the courtyard with the statue to begin hunting down this second piece of cargo. There is a statue with an arm raised that is missing a hand. There is a staircase nearby they should climb up until they reach a second courtyard area.

Players should look out for the building near a large lion statue adorned with white and golden banners. The chest with the Cargo players need is inside that building to the left.

Beodricsworth – Cargo #3

Beodricsworth - Cargo #3

This is by far the easiest of all the Cargo to find — it’s in the same room as Cargo #2!  It’s hidden in a metal cage at the back of the room. Players will need to get the key from the guards to be able to unlock the door, but once they do, all of the goodies are easy for them to grab. Get that Cargo and get out of there!

Brisleah Farm – Nickel Ingot

Brisleah Farm - Nickel Ingot

Players should head to the Brisleah Farm on their search for this Nickel Ingot. There is a building to the south of the farm players need to head to. There’s a pile of bodies nearby that players need to grab a key from. It’s used to unlock the door to the building where the player will find boards they need to break to get into the basement. There’s a chest down there with the Nickel Ingot.

Burgh Castle – Nickel Ingot

Burgh Castle - Nickel Ingot

Players need to head towards the western end of the Burgh Castle complex. Players can find a small building there that has two shelves blocking a hidden entrance. Players need to push the smaller shelf to the right and back and then move the larger shelf to the right. Once they do, they can get to the chest with a Nickel Ingot inside.

Dunwic – Ability: Rush & Bash

Dunwic - Ability Rush & Bash

Players can get this Book Of Knowledge by heading to Dunwic. There’s a secret passageway to enter the fortress located there along its southern edge. Players can also climb up the cliff face on the eastern side if they can’t find it. Once players get inside, they should take a staircase to the second floor where they should defeat the enemy inside to steal the key from the crate behind him.

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There’s a passageway to a lower floor that players will need to break into using an oil jar. Once players climb down, they’ll find themselves in a room that overlooks the sea. Move the shelf inside that’s against the wall to reveal the locked door behind it. The Book of Knowledge is in that door, just unlock it with the stolen key.

Forest Hideout – Gear: Carolingian Longsword

Forest Hideout - Gear Carolingian Longsword

Players need to head to the southwest of East Anglia to find this unique piece of gear. Players need to climb into the raised tent at the center of the camp. There is a chest there that contains the Carolingian Longsword for players to collect. This greatsword is a special weapon indeed and is certainly worth tracking down.

King’s Bury – Gear: Magister’s Mask

King's Bury - Gear Magister's Mask

Players will need their crew to help them break into the room at King’s Bury where the Magister’s Mask is located. Sometimes, King’s Bury doesn’t show up as a raid on maps, but we promise it is one! Once inside, there’s a chest that is locked. There’s a key on the shelf opposite of it that players can easily grab. Open up the chest and get that unique piece of gear!

King’s Bury – Nickel Ingot

King's Bury - Nickel Ingot

This is another bit of loot players can get while raiding King’s Bury. Players entering the area from the east can spot a set of keys on a shelf to the left once their crew breaks into the building. Players should take that key across the courtyard and use it to open a building there. There’s a chest inside that contains a Nickel Ingot.

Yare River – Ability: Axe Blizzard

Yare River - Ability Axe Blizzard

This might be the easiest Book of Knowledge to find in the area, maybe even in the game. There’s an abandoned church just west of the Yare River and the book is inside. It’s easy to spot and worth grabbing to gain this excellent ranged ability.

Ruined Tower – Ability: Blinding Rush

Ruined Tower - Ability Blinding Rush

Players should enter the Ruined Tower using the entrance on the western side. There are boards that cover a hole in the floor — smash them to pieces! Players should then drop down to go as far as they can.

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There is a room at the end of a hallway. Players should use an oil jar to destroy the wall there. There’s a Book of Knowledge in the next room that has the Blinding Rush ability.

Ruined Tower – Nickel Ingot

Ruined Tower - Nickel Ingot

There is an encampment near the Ruined Tower located a bit east of the Wensum River. There is a Hell-Raiser there that will throw fire at the players. They’ll need to kill the Hell-Raiser and loot the Nickel Ingot from its corpse. It’s not the worst fight, just be sure to come prepared.

Scottoh Farm – Nickel Ingot

Scottoh Farm - Nickel Ingot

Players can find the Scottoh Farm by heading southeast from the Ruined Tower. There is a well near the hut there and players need to break the boards covering it. By climbing to the bottom of the well, players can get the Scottoh Door Key. Players then just need to climb out, get into the hut, and snag the Nickel Ingot inside.

Serpent’s Landing – Gear: Magister’s Cloak

Serpent’s Landing - Gear Magister's Cloak

Players should head towards the west end of Serpent’s Landing where they can find a wooden cage. There’s a wall to the south players can smash through that reveals a chest. Now they just have to get the Serpent’s Landing Key! It’s located on a table near one of the tents close by. Players can take it back to the chest and open it to claim the Magister’s Cloak for their own.

Sutton Hoo – Gear: Plank And Buckler

Sutton Hoo - Gear Plank And Buckler

Players can spot where this Wealth is on the map, but it’s a bit misleading. Once players arrive to find it, they will still need to go through a long cavern to be able to get the Plank and Buckler at the end. Players need to run through the tunnel until they find a well-lit area with a key to the left. Players need to grab it before heading through a narrow gap in the wall.

Once players get through, they can spot a destructible wall that is peppered with holes. Players can either shoot through those holes to hit the red pots hidden inside or just toss a torch over the wall. Either way, once the fire has burned down, players can unlock the chest inside to get the coveted gear.

The Lerion Estate – Gear: Thor’s Helmet

The Lerion Estate - Gear Thor's Helmet

Listen, getting Thor’s Helmet is a massive undertaking unlike any of the other items on this list. It’s literally a God’s helmet, what did players expect? Fortunately, players can follow our guide on how to get Thor’s Helmet if they want to track down this item. We wish players luck — it’s a gargantuan task!

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