5 Zombie Games to Play Before Dying Light 2 Eventually Releases


5 Zombie Games to Play Before Dying Light 2 Eventually Releases

Dying Light 2 is still on the way, despite some hefty delays. Originally meant to release in the Spring of 2020, it’s now been cryptically teased that fans should expect at least some news about the game in 2021, though there’s still no confirmed release date.

Still, that’s quite a long way to wait for the new zombie game. The good news is Dying Light isn’t the only zombie game on the market; there are plenty of really good zombie games that players can get their hands on right now to hold them over until Dying Light 2 actually sees the light of day.

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State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is an open-world zombie survival game that puts the player in charge of running a new camp of survivors. Keeping that band of survivors alive throughout the apocalypse is going to prove a challenge, not just due to the zombies, but due to the resource scarcity, as well. State of Decay 2 does not give players an overabundance of resources, and they’ll constantly be having to make difficult decisions and risk lives in order to get the things that they need.

While the gameplay of the Microsoft exclusive State of Decay 2 and Dying Light are pretty different, they’ll both scratch that zombie itch, if that’s what players are looking for. State of Decay 2 is an entirely third-person experience, with a mix of stealth and melee/shooting combat, which is drastically different from the action-oriented, parkour gameplay of Dying Light. State of Decay features permadeath for characters, which does mean that even though the gameplay might be a bit slower-paced, it’s still definitely delivering on adrenaline.

Days Gone


Days Gone is a story-centric zombie game with an impressive open-world and some of the best zombies in gaming. There are 40 different hordes spread across the open-world of Days Gone, some of them somewhat small, others extremely-not-small. This alone would have made the game a blast to play, but Days Gone also creates some very well-drawn characters and tell a pretty cool and emotional story. It feels like an interesting mix of games like The Last of Us and State of Decay, making it one of the most memorable zombie games to date.

Days Gone is another entirely third-person experience, but there’s quite a bit of variety here. A lot of time is going to be spent riding the main character Deacon’s motorcycle, which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Actually getting that motorcycle from Point A to Point B can prove to be a bit of a challenge for a variety of different reasons, including the terrain. While that’s not exactly the parkour of Dying Light, navigating tricky terrain is a similar mindset.

Resident Evil

resident evil 7 virtual realilty vr

For one of the tensest zombie experiences out there, look no further than (most of) the Resident Evil franchise. In particular, the recent Resident Evil remakes and Resident Evil 7 have some very good zombie/horror stuff going on, with some extremely close-quarters action. The zombies (and other monsters) in these games are some of the most resilient on this list, some of which even appear dead for a long time before reanimating once again.

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These games are an entirely different pace to the high-octane action of Dying Light, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring by any stretch. These Resident Evil games excel at continuously building tension and, at the perfect moment, snapping that tension into a very dangerous scenario. These games are great for the Dying Light fans that like a truly terrifying horror game.


australia reverses dayz ban

A mix of zombie and PVP action, DayZ is one of the oldest games on this list, though it is still being continuously updated. It is, without a doubt, the most grueling and challenging game on here, but that’s what makes those moments where players actually do succeed in something memorable. Players are going to die here, whether it’s getting killed by zombies or other players. It’s best not to get too attached to loot, because it might not last a very long time. That said, this game does now have somewhat limited forms of base-building, allowing for players to be somewhat self-sufficient once they acquire certain things. This game offers players a lot of freedom, and a massive open-world.

This game does not lack for zombies, much like Dying Light. Towns are especially going to be full of the undead, and incidentally, that’s where the majority of the loot is going to be, too. Where there’s loot, there are players, making these the most dangerous locations. Everything gets a little bit more dangerous at night too, because night in this game is actually dark, meaning if players don’t have a light source, they can’t see much of anything outside of arms reach.

The Last of Us

the last of us

Another very story-centric game, The Last of Us both 1 and 2 have superbly-told stories of the post-apocalypse. These are both extremely narrative-driven, with the first game being a bit more on-rails than the second, which featured a somewhat open-world, in portions. This series also has some pretty tense zombie encounters, especially with the Clickers, which are zombies that can’t see but use echolocation to locate their prey. Clickers aren’t the only type of zombie in The Last of Us though, ranging from the classic running and screaming variety to the big and bloated variety to more. There are also plenty of human enemies that have some pretty good AI, making them just as formidable enemies as the zombies can be.

In comparison to Dying Light, this game has a different approach to the gameplay, but inventive combat is well-represented in both games. The Last of Us has a lot of different gadgets players can craft, from different kinds of traps for enemies to walk into, whether they be zombie or human. There are a lot of different weapon upgrades in The Last of Us 2, and what the player decides to craft and upgrade is going to drastically change the way the game is played.

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My Hero Academia: The 10 Strongest Hero Quirks, Ranked

The world of anime is extremely vast, but only a handful of series have managed to achieve success on a global scale, and over the past five years, My Hero Academia has become one of those series. It takes place in a world where most of the population has some type of quirk (superpower), and it focuses on Izuku Midoriya-a quirkless teenage boy who is given a quirk by his personal hero, All Might.

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There are a lot of powerful quirks in this universe, and not everyone uses them for good, in fact there is an entire league of criminals who are dedicated to villainy. Since villains exist, Heroes do too, and they all possess quirks that are both powerful and versatile, but some of these Hero quirks are more powerful than the rest.

10 Black Hole

Thirteen Using Black Hole On A Villain

My Hero Accademia is set in the kind of detailed world that any Final Fantasy fan would enjoy, and a large amount of this detail is focused on the heroes themselves. Thirteen is one of several Pro Heroes who specialize in search and rescue emergencies, and her quirk is quite useful and powerful.

Thirteen’s Black Hole quirk allows her to recreate the suction effect of a black hole through her fingertips, and the force of the suction is so strong that it can even pull in light. She can use this quirk to clear debris and save trapped citizens, but she can also use it to capture villains.

9 Creation

Momo Yaoyorozu's Plus Ultra

Anyone who plays Dark Souls 3 knows how important rings and weapons are, and if the game had an NPC like Momo Yaoyorozu, players wouldn’t need to buy them with the Souls they’ve collected. Momo possesses the Creation quirk, which allows her to  create any non-living material or object from her exposed skin

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She can do this by transforming the molecular structure of her fat cells, but she can only create something if she understands its molecular structure. As a result, she can create any item or weapon that she might need in a fight or rescue operation.

8 Manifest

Tamaki Capturing A Villain With His Tentacles

Food-inspired abilities may not sound impressive, but they can be very effective when used the right way. Tamaki Amajiki is a Pro Hero student who goes by the name, Suneater, and he can manifest the physical characteristics of anything he eats thanks to his Manifest quirk.

If he eats Octopus, he can turn his fingers into tentacles which he can use to capture villains, and if he eats crab, he can generate claws that are strong enough to destroy metal weapons. What makes this quirk so useful is the fact that Tamaki can manifest and use multiple characteristics at once.

7 Explosion

Bakugo Preparing To Fight

My Hero Academia doesn’t really feature any kind of sword fighting, which means that it isn’t the kind of anime that Ghost of Tsushima fans would enjoy. It does have plenty of explosions though, and fans can thank Bakugo for that.

Bakugo has the Explosion quirk, and this allows him to create explosions by igniting the nitroglycerin-like sweat that secretes from his palms. This quirk can do a lot of damage, but Bakugo can also use it to evade attacks by propelling himself at high speeds, and he can also create a shockwave that functions like a shield.

6 Fierce Wings

Hawks Battling Nomus

Wing Hero: Hawks is currently My Hero Academia‘s  No. 2 Pro Hero, and part of the reason why people like him is because he’s a smart Hero who promotes a carefree and good-natured attitude. His quirk also happens to be very versatile, as he can use it to fight villains and to save civilians who are in danger.

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Fierce Wings is a quirk that gives Hawks a pair of large, bright red wings, and he can telekinetically control the movement and nature of each individual feather. He can harden these feathers in order to turn them into a sharp sword or sturdy shield, and he can use them to grab onto people and bring them to safety.

5 Hellflame

Endeavor Using Hellflame

Endeavor is currently the top ranked Hero in the series, and he has one of the best Plus Ultra moves in My Hero One’s Justice 2. After years of training, Endeavor now has enhanced strength, durability, speed, reflexes, and endurance, but his true power lies in his Hellflame quirk.

Hellflame is a pretty straightforward quirk, as it allows him to create and manipulate large quantities of intense fire. This fire is incredibly powerful as evidenced by his Prominence Burn technique, which produces a concentrated beam of fire that can vaporize an enemy.

4 Half-Cold Half-Hot

Todoroki At Full Power

Shoto Todoroki is Endeavor’s youngest son, and he has the potential to become even more powerful than his father. He managed to inherit part of his father’s quirk, which is why he can generate fire from the left side of his body.

His mother possesses an ice-related quirk which he also partially inherited, which is why the right side of his body can generate ice. He can use both elements independently, which already makes him difficult to fight against, but he can also use both elements simultaneously.

3 Brainwashing

Hitoshi Brainwashing A Fellow Student

Hitoshi Shinso may not be the series’ best fighter, but he possesses a powerful quirk, and the best think about it is the fact that he doesn’t even need to lift a finger to use it. His quirk is called, Brainwashing, and it forces his target to obey every single commands.

This quirk will take affect as soon as someone verbally responds to him, and he can use it on multiple people at once, but he will only be able to command one person at a time. It’s amazing that Hitoshi decided to become a Hero, because he can make a very good living as a villain with his quirk.

2 Erasure

Aizawa Nullifying A Quirk

There are a multitude of powerful quirks in the world of My Hero Academia, but there is one quirk that can temporarily counter every single one of them. That quirk is called Erasure, and it belongs to Shota Aizawa, and with it, he can nullify another person’s quirk by looking at them.

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This quirk is extremely powerful, but it has several drawbacks. It will deactivate if Aizawa blinks, and this happens a lot when he uses it for a prolonged period of time because the quirk causes his eyes to dry up.

1 One For All

All Might's Final Attack

There are plenty of anime with great visuals, and My Hero Academia has had its fair share of impressive visuals, including the final exchange between All Might and All For One. All Might is basically the series’ Superman, as he possesses immense strength, speed, durability, and stamina.

All Might is the former owner of One For All, a transferable quirk which allows the user to stockpile a massive amount of raw power, and this allowed him to significantly enhance all of his physical abilities. Izuku Midoriya is the current owner, and he recently learned that One For All also allows the user to use the quirks of all the previous owners.

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ARK: Survival Evolved Feature Image, 5 Posters Collage

10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Ark: Survival Evolved

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