Gremlins Mountain Dew Trailer Features Adorable Reunion With Gizmo


Gremlins Mountain Dew Trailer Features Adorable Reunion With Gizmo

It seems that in recent years, commercials are more and more becoming an avenue to reunite familiar faces for fun little nostalgia throwbacks. Whether it’s Bruce Willis returning as John McClane or Timothée Chalamet as the son of Edward Scissorhands in a recent Super Bowl ad, the short throwaway nature of advertising makes them perfect for small callbacks to classic media and Gremlins is the latest film to get such treatment.

One of the latest brands to take advantage of this particular strategy is Mountain Dew, which has released a new advertisement that’ll be familiar to fans of classic Steven Spielberg. The advertisement is for Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, which is a fairly self-explanatory product, and features actor Zach Galligan returning as Billy Peltzer, the protagonist of Gremlins.

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Gremlins, for the uninitiated, was a 1984 comedy-horror film directed by Joe Dante and follows the story of Billy shortly after he receives a strange pet called a Mogwai. The pet comes with a series of strange and unusual rules that must be followed, one of them being to never feed the creature after midnight. Of course, that very thing ends up happening by accident, and it causes the mogwai to duplicate, spawning more of themselves. The group of creatures swiftly prove themselves to be the troublemaking sort and begin to get into all sorts of dangerous behavior that the protagonist must put a stop to.

The Mountain Dew ad, titled “Rule #4: Must Be Refreshing After Midnight”, follows in the same footsteps, with Billy drinking a bottle of Zero Sugar Mountain Dew before offering a sip to his mogwai friend. The mogwai, of course, manages to spill the soda all over himself, beginning the process of duplication and frustrating Billy and his teenage daughter.

Overall, the ad is a pleasant throwback to the original film and the special effects are certainly a step up from the first Gremlins film, making the whole thing a charming little nostalgia trip for fans of the original. Not to mention the fact that Zach Galligan seems to slide quite naturally back into the role of Billy Peltzer. While there is still an animated Gremlins spin-off in the works, this commercial can hopefully tide over longtime fans until Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is finally available.

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is expected to be released in 2021 on HBO Max.

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Source: Mountain Dew/Youtube

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The 15 Most Powerful Video Game Heroes Ever (From Weakest To Strongest)

In the world of video games, anything is possible. You can be anyone from a goose that annoys a village to a god that saves the world. That is why we love them, and some of the most beloved characters we have played as are very powerful. It begs the question though, who is the most powerful?

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This list is going to try and answer that question. We have considered previous lists from the internet and the reasoning made by fans but also put our own spin on what we think the most powerful character of all time.

Updated by Michael Llewellyn on February 18th, 2021: As more games get released with new superpowered protagonists, it gets harder to keep up with who or what are the most powerful beings in the videogames. It’s also easy to overlook some characters in hindsight that appeared in lesser-known titles that provide the kind of power fantasy that only gaming can give us. With that in mind, let’s take a look and add a few more characters to an already powerful list of video game heroes.

15 Sonic The Hedgehog

The least powerful of the most powerful characters are the Sega mascot himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. While he has an impressive set of skills, such as super-speed, spin-attacks, and more, his more impressive abilities often require specific criteria to be met. For example, his most famous super form “Super Sonic” requires him to have all of the Chaos Emeralds.

While he is incredibly powerful by himself, he often needs external factors or another person’s help to access his true potential.

14 Samus – The Metroid Series

Samus from the Metroid series is a bounty hunter and the last remaining piece of the Chozo legacy. Her parents were killed by Ridley and she was taken in and raised by the highly advanced Chozo. She is gifted with a piece of their technology, namely her highly advanced suit which gives her a large number of impressive abilities. Her abilities include firing a variety of missiles, laser beams, freezing enemies solid, transforming her into a ball, dropping bombs, dropping super bombs, and make force fields that allow her to survive in space, lava, and underwater.

While powerful, she is not far on the list since almost everything she is capable of is due to her suit.

13 Master Chief – The Halo Series

The Master Chief is what is known as a Spartan, a genetically engineered super-soldier put through rigorous training and given advanced armor that is capable of surviving a fall from space. He has incredible skill with nearly any weapon and has shown himself highly skilled in immediately figuring out how to use alien weapons. He has incredible endurance, having survived a lot.

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He and Samus come close, but we decided he ultimately beats her due to not depending as much on a piece of equipment.

12 Raiden – Metal Gear Rising

A lot of lists we saw on the internet do not include Raiden, which is strange since his strength from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is almost laughably ridiculous. Ridiculous or not though, it is his and it has to be considered. He is a cyborg who has power over how much pain he can feel in battle, can jump from missile to missile while they are mid-flight, lift up tank-sized machines, cut through anything, and more. The reason he is not considered more powerful is that his strength greatly depends on technology.

He started off as a pretty whiny and weak guy in Metal Gear 2, so it is funny to see how much his character has been changed.

11 Delsin Rowe – Infamous: Second Son

Delsin is one of the most powerful videogame character on the PlayStation

The third entry in the PlayStation exclusive series Infamous introduced gamers to a new character called Delsin Rowe. Delsin, in many ways, is comparable to Rogue from the X-Men franchise in that he is capable of absorbing and using other super-powered beings’ – known as Conduits – strengths.

This makes Delsin a pretty powerful character in any universe and as far as superpowers go, he is capable of unlimited power within reason. He does, however, have a cooldown time after using his powers. This means that as strong as he is he doesn’t quite match some of the more elite members of this list.

10 Starkiller – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Released in 2008 for all major platforms at the time, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was an action-adventure game that focused on a brand new protagonist known as Starkiller, or his birth name, Galen Marek. He was raised by Darth Vader as a secret apprentice to fulfill Vader’s plans of overthrowing The Emperor.

In the first game alone, Starkiller defeated four Jedi in hiding, Vader himself, and even The Emperor in combat. He mastered all seven styles of lightsaber combat so he was able to exploit weaknesses in all his enemies. Furthermore, he had almost god-like Force powers as displayed when he pulled a Star Destroyer out of the sky. Unsurprisingly, the Starkiller character is no longer considered canon since Disney took the reigns.

9 Alex Mercer – Prototype

Alex Mercer from the Prototype series has unlimited strength

The Prototype games released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are considered successors to the fantastic Hulk: Ultimate Destruction created by the same developers. As a result, Alex Mercer plays and feels very much like The Hulk if he was enhanced with Venom’s abilities too — all thanks to the Blacklight virus.

There are very few games that provide the kind of power fantasy that the Prototype series does, and when fully powered up Mercer is capable of world-destroying abilities. Thanks to the virus that created his powers, he has limitless strength, shapeshifting abilities, superhuman speed, and is almost indestructible thanks to his regeneration abilities.

8 Dante – The Devil May Cry Series

dante devil may cry 5 screenshot

Dante is a paranormal being, able to freeze time, survive tons of slashings and stabbings, and can block a punch from demons one hundred times his size. He has been known to rip the souls out of enemies without harming their bodies (which allows him to kill things that cannot die). Similar to the Master Chief, he is capable of figuring out how to use a weapon in a matter of seconds.

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He is the son of the most powerful demon. However, even all this does not make him the number one most powerful video game character.

7 Bayonetta – The Bayonetta Series

Bayonetta is a Bullet Witch with a ton of abilities up her sleeve. She is an immortal that makes light work of traveling through space and re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. She has immeasurable super-human strength as displayed when she throws skyscrapers and tanks around like toys.

Additionally, Bayonetta can master any weapon, summon demons, she can shapeshift, control time, and more. She has also displayed that she’s powerful enough to defeat a god after her battle with Jubileus. Perhaps more interesting, Bayonetta has no time limit on her powers, arguably making her even more powerful than Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

6 Kratos – The God Of War Series

Kratos is often considered to be the strongest video game character due to his kill count of gods. He successfully killed the entire Greek pantheon. He himself is a god. While a lot of characters on this list have killed gods, it is Kratos that makes it actually look easy.

He has been to Hell multiple times and killed his way out of it. The magic, size, intelligence, and strength of his opponents never seem to stop this guy. He has tons of battlefield experience and can find anyone’s weak point.

5 Asura – Asura’s Wrath

Not many characters could withstand Asura's rage

The titular character of Asura’s Wrath is easily one of the most powerful protagonists in any videogame. He’s a demi-god and a literal god-killer as he takes vengeance on gods and deities that are the size of cities and planets.

Aura’s strength lies in his rage which was inspired by the Dragon Ball series which should give fans of that series an idea of the kind of power that Asura possesses. Even characters like Kratos, who is another warrior guided by rage, wouldn’t be able to cope with the ferocity of Asura.

4 The Prince – Katamari

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Well, some of the most powerful characters are the ones with the most strange abilities. The Prince is a being that creates celestial bodies. To create the celestial bodies, it uses a sticky ball and rolls it as it consumes everything smaller than it, and by doing so it gets larger and larger and can collect even more things. Nothing is missed by the Katamari ball. It swallows up people, animals, monsters, and planets. If you touch it, you’re stuck to it. It’s as simple as that.

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So all the characters up to now have been considered as to whether they can actually do anything about a Katamari ball. The fact of the matter is that they can’t. It is indestructible and sticky and they would just get mowed down and added as part of the ever-consuming ball.

3 Kirby – The Kirby Series

Kirby is a very young star warrior, which is basically a god of space. Their job is to protect all of the universes. He can consume an infinite amount of matter and has immeasurable strength and as far as we know, is indestructible. Besides all that, he is incredibly adaptable. He can consume his enemies, take their abilities, and survive in any extreme condition. In Smash Ultimate, a god of light called Galeem appears and decimates the entire Smash Bros. roster. Kirby is the sole survivor. He gets on a star, and they allow him to teleport and move around incredibly fast.

The greatest limitation of Kirby is how young he is. However, we can definitely confirm that he can swallow and take the abilities of everyone but one character on this list.

2 Amaterasu From Okami

There are very few characters in fiction that are more powerful than Amaterasu from Okami. She can create all things at will. That includes stars, ice, lightning, weather, bridges, trees, wind, fire, water, bombs, anything you can think of. She can also cut anything from buildings to trees and stone as well as slow time. She is also a healer, able to bring dead plants back to life. It takes little effort too, as she can create anything in a matter of seconds.

She can even create emotions in people to make them give her a hug. Even if you just open your mouth, as Orochi did, she can use her powers to drown you with water or get you drunk on the Japanese spirits known as sake and unable to fight back. She also controls shields and swords through telekinesis.

The fact that she can create anything is her ultimate weapon and protection that makes her able to defeat any other video game character. If any character can make it so Kirby doesn’t suck them up, it would be her, because she could easily just put objects between them.

1 The Demi-Fiend – Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

The Demi-Fiend is the main protagonist from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. The game was first released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 and there’s a remaster due to be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. By the end of the game’s story, the Demi-Fiend is by far the most powerful protagonist in any videogame.

He has omnipotent power and is strong enough to literally fight the God of all creation, giving him power over all multiverses. If the Demi-Fiend takes the path of the True Demon he ends the cycle of Death and Rebirth, the universe, and takes away the entire concept of time. Characters like Amaterasu can shape the world around them but the Demi-Fiend can destroy a multiverse, taking away that world and everything around it.

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