Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Gives Players Accidental Wall Hacks


Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Gives Players Accidental Wall Hacks

With the most recent two Call of Duty releases, cheating and hacking have been major issues that have seemingly only gotten worse. The issue inside of the free to play Call of Duty: Warzone has gotten so bad for so many, that prominent players have started to move away from the experience entirely. The situation has even impacted tournaments, such as a recent one that held a $250,000 prize for the winner. Unfortunately, the tournament was met with some players being accused of cheating by using aim-bots, ruining the experience.

The problem seems to be wide spread on the PC side of the game where players can utilize all sorts of cheats and hacks such as invisibility exploits, aimbots, and plenty more. With crossplay enabled, these issues have even bled into the console versions of the game, leading many to turn off the feature from the game settings. While cheating is typically done through third party applications, one strange bug seems to be mimicking a fairly popular hack.

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New reports have begun surfacing online that some players are being gifted an ability that resembles a traditional wallhack during a Call of Duty: Warzone match. Strangely enough, this issue isn’t due to cheating but a very specific bug tied to the Gulag. A user known as chinitotuchman took to Reddit to show off the strange behavior, loading into the Gulag and seemingly being instantly granted the win. Upon being redeployed into the match, their Gulag opponent, who also appeared to be released at the same time, was instantly highlighted through walls from across the map.

Naturally, knowing where the enemy was led to a very easy kill for chinitotuchman. However, the other individual appeared to be just as cautious approaching chinitotuchman, indicating that they may have also known where the player was. It’s unknown why this bug is occurring but it doesn’t seem to be an isolated event as chinitotuchman and others in the thread have relayed stories of this wallhack issue happening other times as well.

While the cheating situation has become dire for so many, hope may be on the horizon. Developer Raven Software issued a statement earlier this month regarding stronger anti-cheat efforts going forward. In fact, the developer has already issued two massive ban waves, targeting and removing a substantial amount of players who were not playing fairly. The first ban removed over 60,000 players and while the second wave didn’t reveal the number of impacted users, players in the community are no doubt thrilled to see anti-cheat efforts increasing. There’s still a ways to go, but the experience seems to be improving.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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10 Most Expensive Disney Funko Pops & How Much They’re Worth

It’s a wonderful world of Disney! This juggernaut of the entertainment industry has been putting out feature films and animation for over 97 years. It has spawned countless franchises that fans have adored and still has new films on the horizon.

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It should come as no surprise with Disney’s popularity that Funko Pop got licenses to create their iconic figures for various characters the company owns. While many are purely collected by fans out of love of their favorite characters, some are incredibly rare and prised for their extreme value among collectors.

10 Steamboat Willie (Blue And Red – Redux) – $1,100

Steamboat Willie (Blue And Red - Redux)

Only the biggest fans of Disney would have had the chance to get this rare Funko Pop. It was exclusively given out at the D23 Expo — a Disney-themed convention ran by the official Disney fan club. The Funko Pop is likely a reference to Disney’s Steamboat Willie Redux, a reanimation of the original Disney cartoon that featured 35 separate teams of artists and was released 90 years after the original.

9 Mickey Mouse (Metallic) – $1,280

Mickey Mouse (Metallic)

This metallic mouse was only San Diego Comic Con so there’s no hope in snagging one now outside of finding one for sale in the secondary market. The major issue here is that only five have even come up for sale within the previous year as collectors are unwilling to let go of this precious Funko. Collectors might simply want to hold onto this one — it’s likely to keep increasing in value.

8 Mr. Incredible (Blue Suit) – $1,310

Mr. Incredible (Blue Suit)

Edna Mode should be proud of her costume design skills! The Funko of Mr. Incredible in his classic costume is by far the most valuable Funko pop for The Incredibles franchise. This was another San Diego Comic Con exclusive that fans could only get at the event.

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While the Funko originally had loads of people selling it when it originally released (for around $500), the numbers have severely dwindled during the years. With so few willing to part with it now, its value is likely to keep increasing in the future.

7 Mike Wazowski (Glow in the Dark) – $1,710

Mike Wazowski (Glow in the Dark)

Who doesn’t love things that glow in the dark? Another exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, this childhood version of Mike Wazoski is more than just cute — it’s extremely valuable. Unlike several other convention exclusives, almost no one took to selling it on the secondary market after the initial release and still continue to not do so now.

6 Lotso (Flocked) – $1,750

Lotso (Flocked)

Flocked Funkos aren’t just soft to the touch — they also tend to have a far higher rarety. So it’s no wonder this fluffy teddy bear of Toy Story fame that was released at the D23 Expo is almost impossible to find again. Only sixteen have ever been sold on the secondary market and the price just keeps going up each time they are available.

5 Mickey Mouse (Black & White) – $2,000

Mickey Mouse (Black & White)

A callback to Mickey’s first appearance on screen, this monochromatic Funko was only available at San Diego Comic Con back in 2013. Fans must have realized just how valuable the figure would become as there has only been one recorded secondary market sale of it in the last five years. Good luck trying to hunt this one down!

4 Oogie Boogie (Glow In The Dark) – $2,140

Oogie Boogie (Glow In The Dark)

“When Mr. Oogie Boogie says there’s trouble close at hand, you’d better pay attention now ’cause I’m the Boogie Man!” There is no denying that The Nightmare Before Christmas has some incredibly passionate fans. Tim Burton is a film legend for a reason after all!

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So when this exclusive glow in the dark Funko appeared exclusively at San Diego Comic Con fans were quick to buy it up. The Funko has barely changed hands on the secondary market as is expected to continue to rise in value as time goes on.

3 Mickey Mouse (Blue & Red) – $2,540

Mickey Mouse (Blue & Red)

This Funko was only available at San Diego Comic Con all the way back in 2012 which is part of why it’s so incredibly rare. Almost no one has ever sold this Funko on the secondary market with only four being recorded in over ten years. In fact, it’s even been two years since one has even been put up for sale at all making it almost impossible for even fervent fans to get their hands on.

2 Dumbo (Gold) – $4,160

Dumbo (Gold)

Unless people attending San Diego Comic Con in 2013 there was no way they could have gotten their hands on this golden Dumbo Funko Pop. It originally was traded around quite a bit after it was released, but slowly over the years people caught on to just how rare these exclusives could be and held onto them tightly. One hasn’t sold now for over two years and it’s unlikely a new one will appear on the market soon.

1 Dumbo (Clown) – $6,350

Dumbo (Clown)

Only six of these San Diego Comic Con exclusive Funko Pops have ever been sold on the secondary market as it’s clear to see why. They have such a high value that most people couldn’t even consider shelling out the kind of money they even go for! Plus, seeing Dumbo in his clown makeup is beyond adorable and makes it a particularly special piece for Disney Funko collectors.

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