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Square Enix Announces Recent Large Ban Wave For FFXIV Accounts Involved In Real Money Trading


Square Enix Announces Recent Large Ban Wave For FFXIV Accounts Involved In Real Money Trading

MMOs and selling gold; it’s a combination that, in spite of the best efforts of developers, continues to be a large-scale problem that developers have been hard-pressed to stymie and users have been hard-pressed to avoid.

This is prominently seen within Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO that readily brings the wonderfully fantasy-laden world of Final Fantasy to a massive number of users around the world, and exacerbated by the fact that Final Fantasy XIV is free to play through a good bit of beginning content; up to Heavensward expansion currently.

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Meaning you can easily sink in a couple of hundred hours in the wide world of classic fantasy RPG without so much as spending a dime.

This, as we know, tends to lower the bar for ne’er do wells or bad actors: it’s easier for them to make a free account, and continue hawking their services within global chat. Reporting these users tends to feel a bit of a hollow victory, all things considered: you’ll at most tend to receive a warning that false reports are bannable offenses, and never hear from them again.

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On November 19, 2020, however, Square Enix announced that they’ve finally brought a bit of a hammer to these users that are readily trading real money for the in-game currency, Gil. These gold farms have been noted to stem from Chinese prison camps where prisoners are forced to play MMOs non-stop during their waking hours to bring another stream of revenue to the prison.

Further, purchasing the Gil isn’t going to help too much: you need to be a 2LT within a Grand Company before you can purchase a house (a colossal gold sink in the title) and you’ll likely be farming resources regardless as you’re leveling up crafters.

Regardless, Square Enix has announced that they’ve terminated a whopping 2,914 accounts for participating in real-money trading (colloquially RMT) and terminated 378 accounts for advertising RMTs in-game in a period spanning six days: November 12 to November 18.

Square Enix encourages users to continue to report chat that advertises gold-buying services in-game, and they restate their interest in ensuring that there is as little of a platform as possible for the individuals participating in the RMT.

It ensures a fair game for all and can help discourage certain nations from forcing indentured peoples to profit through digital currencies.

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Meanwhile, Square Enix has been hard at work on the upcoming 5.4 Patch for Shadowbringers called ‘Future Rewritten’, and have just launched a special site to offer users a sneak peek at the upcoming changes.

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Drycha, The Tree-Spirit, Is Revealed As The Free Legendary Lord Available With The New Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC

The next Warhammer 2 DLC, The Twisted And The Twilight, is out in early December. As part of the new content, players will be able to play with Drycha, a legendary tree-spirit with a deep-rooted hatred of Elves. This legendary lord will be available for those who own the original Wood Elf DLC, Realm of the Wood Elves.

Drycha is one of the most powerful forest-spirits in Athel Loren, with a hatred for the Elves since they arrived in the forests. Creative Assembly has put together a new model for the tree-spirit, and she looks pretty awesome.

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This content is considered an FLC, a free part of the upcoming DLC, you will have to own the previous Wood Elf DLC. Then you will be able to play as Drycha on the Mortal Empire campaign map. She will start north of Sylvania, close to the Vampire Counts.

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Although her abilities and effects are yet to be fully revealed, there’s a sort of teaser with a collection of her named-abilities. Here’s a look at the image that was posted on the official Total War Twitter.

You can get a decent idea of what to expect with Drycha’s abilities, such as Mantra of the Fallen being some sort of resummoning ability, Shifting Woods causing morale-loss in enemy troops, and Nature’s Vengeance being some sort of natural ability, wielding the power of the surrounding forest.

Drycha is the free legendary lord for The Twisted and the Twilight DLC, while you will also receive a free legendary hero character in the form of the Skaven chieftain. This will be available with the base game and you won’t require any previous DLC to play with the new rat character.

The Twisted and the Twilight DLC further expands on the ME campaign map with more forests including to the West, new units for the Skaven factions, and significant changes to the Wood Elf in-game mechanics. New lords include the Twilight Sisters and Throt the Unclean, facing off in the faces.

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Further details will be revealed as we get closer to the release date for the Twisted and the Twilight DLC, with an expected release in the first week of December. There may be some gameplay trailers of Drycha and the other additions.

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