El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Is On Its Way To PC And Stadia As Of December 3rd


El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Is On Its Way To PC And Stadia As Of December 3rd

A fun looking spaghetti-western looks like it’s on its way to PC and Stadia audiences this December. This unique game is a Mexico based title that has players wreaking havoc and mischief across the west armed only with a slingshot. Prepare for a unique showdown as you enjoy a fun family-friendly outlaw adventure perfect for the whole family.

Guide a unique child hero through an immersive world as you stealth through dangerous encounters and experience things from the point of view of a child. This is a quest of liberation, exploration, and self-definition as you become a hero of the west in a rather non-violent way.

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Enter El Hijo – A Wild West Tale as you take the role of a 6-year-old boy on an epic quest to find his mother. This is a game about stealth, adventure, and love as you enter a unique spaghetti-western style experience.

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As a six-year-old child, you must sneak past danger as you overcome adult challenges. This means that you must have self-confidence, cunning, and more to survive the wild west. Enter into a remote monastery, an unforgiving stretch of desert, and a frontier town full of crime and villainy.

This is a wild west style adventure told in a non-violent way. Instead of violence players use mischievous, playful, and innocent traits found only in small children. This is a game about hiding when needed, and being brave when it matters most.

Survive the wild west with only your wit to guide you. Traverse through the dark monasteries, the empty desert, and the infamous boomtowns of the old west.

As you explore each environment you must hide from people in the shadows and move constantly. It is not safe in the wild for someone your age, and only by careful planning can you hope to achieve your goals.

Solve tricky puzzle environments by using your playful arsenal of toys and tricks.  Inspire other children as you mark your path towards freedom and do what no other child has done before. This is a gripping narrative revolving around a brave childs search for his long lost mother.

This game is great for families and children of all ages. Although it does contain violence, players solve problems in a peaceful and childish fashion unique to a game of this style.

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El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is set to release on STeam as of December 3 from Honig Studios.

Published at Sat, 21 Nov 2020 05:12:40 +0000

Brawl Chess Is Available For Nintendo Switch And Xbox Fans Bringing Fantasy Chess To A Whole New Platform

RedDeerGames has released their fantast-themed chess experience Brawl Chess to Nintendo Switch and Xbox fans. This title is an epic chess experience that takes the classic concept and rules and mixes in some wacky abilities and interesting adaptations. Enter into a world of chess without ever noticing that it runs on basically the same rules.

This is the most thrilling and epic take on chess in recent years. Explore the complex strategy of the title on local and multiplayer levels as you compete against increasingly difficult enemies. This is a hero based chess experience that will have even the most dedicated chess enthusiast looking towards the future of what is possible on the board.

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Brawl Chess challenges players to become champions of a brand new title. This is a family-friendly game mixed with the brain and carefully set up boards that will make players think outside the box of a standard chess match.

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Choose between several heroes as you lead a chess army to victory. From mysterious fairies to brave princes players can enjoy a unique cartoon stylization of the popular war game. This is a game meant to connect generations as players enjoy a unique chess experience.

The game comes loaded with five levels of difficulty. Players can learn the basics of the chess game experience or max out the difficulty and instead take on a serious chess challenge.

Players that are tired of being online can play on a local level as they enjoy chess between parents, children, and friends. This game is easy to learn, cheerful, and great for kids of all ages.

Despite its look this is still the same game known and loved across the world. Brawl Chess takes a modern look at the game and stylizes it to try and fit the needs of an evolving public.

Enjoy a fun evolving world as players watch the scene evolve even past the end of the chess game itself. This is an interesting reinvention of a classic game experience that will have players coming backboard after board for new and interesting experience.

Chess is great at teaching problem solving, decision making and raising children’s IQ scores. It is a versatile and thinking based game that will be great to share with the whole family.

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Brawl Chess is available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox systems. The developers seem to intend a Steam release but no date has been shared as to when the game will be made available.

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