Psycho Wolf Releases On Steam Bringing Cartoonish Stealth To The PC Audience


Psycho Wolf Releases On Steam Bringing Cartoonish Stealth To The PC Audience

Psycho Wolf is a stealth-based game from publisher Ultimate Games S.A. and is set to release on November 20th. The title is launching onto Steam but the Nintendo Switch edition is not far behind with a 2021 launch date. This is a strangely peppy experience about murder, wolves, and stealth through a city.

Players play as a wolf and must steal from the other animals in order to improve your own house. Sneak around or bash in enemies’ heads with your ax, it is really up to you on how this game is approached. Its strangely happy feel is offset by the depictions of gore and the wolf aesthetics spread through this cartoonish encounter.

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This indie stealth title draws inspiration from what looks like graphic novels. Players interact with a strange world that looks like its popped out of the 90s. The gameplay feels modern although this entire game is a strange world in general.

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Play as a psycho wolf as you slay delightfully defenseless animals in a strange world that is oddly reminiscent of Dont Starve. Players play through each level trying to catch the enemy animals and craft various gear.

This is not a simple hack and slash title as players will need to plan their advance and hunt the enemies carefully. Use your bushes to set traps and craft as you slowly stealth around the strange environment.

This is a game of hunting, stealing, destroying, and killing. The richer you get the better your mansion gets as you slowly take everything the nearby animals have or love. Imagine the three pigs if the big bad world was psycho and controlled by a player.

Players can unlock new locations, gather strange artifacts, and learn more about the strange world by hunting their prey. This is a cartoon but it has very adult themes in general as murder is not exactly a kid-friendly topic.

Explore a strange cartoon environment presented in 2.5D retro graphics. There are lots of enemies, crafting and a strange sense of humor spread throughout this game.

This title is probably okay for anyone above the age of 10. Otherwise, the gore and strange world may be a tad bit to corrupting for younger audiences.

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Psycho Wolf is available on Steam for PC players who want to explore this strange world and ever wanted to literally blow down someone’s house. Become the wolf and let the insanity of animal life slowly sink in.

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Epic Games Store Freebies: Elite Dangerous And The World Next Door

Last week, the Epic Games Store was giving away The Textorcist, a clever little title that puts you in the shoes of Ray Bibbia, private exorcist, as you dodge bullets while typing out commands to battle evil. It’s part game, part typing test, all fun!

This week they’re offering a pair of games: the massively multiplayer space adventure Elite Dangerous and the stylish puzzle battler The World Next Door. Two very different games, sure to please a multitude of gamers. They’re available until November 25, so get downloading before they’re gone!

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Elite Dangerous, developed and published by Frontier Developments, hit Windows in 2014, Xbox One in 2015, and finally PlayStation 4 in 2017. It released to mostly positive reviews, with critics willing to overlook its flaws due to its massive strengths and the potential for expansion.

Speaking of expansion, the Horizons expansion (which is really five expansions) became a free update just last month, so those who pick up the base game on EPS will have full access to Horizons as well. The expansion added planetary landings, looting, crafting, ground vehicles and bases, and a lot more, bringing major changes to the game.

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Despite being five years old (and the fourth part in a series that debuted 25 years ago), Elite Dangerous still boasts over 13 million active players.

Then there’s The World Next Door, which really couldn’t be more different than the accompanying space sim. Released in 2019 for Windows and Nintendo Switch, it’s a combination puzzle game and visual novel developed by Rose City Games. Reviews were mixed, citing a lack of difficulty and a short campaign. Sounds like it’s well worth the price!

Jun is a teenager that wins a ticket to visit a parallel universe called Emrys, but fails to return home before the portal closes, trapping her there. She’s forced to team up with an Emrys native to find a way to reopen the portal.

When it comes to the sorts of games that EGS gives away, it’s pretty common for them to pair a big studio title with a smaller indie game. It’s a nice little juxtaposition that tries to please two very different demographics. It’s also a great way for indie studios to get a little boost in recognition.

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Starting November 26, gamers will be able to download MudRunner, an off-road game that tasks you with driving unwieldy all-terrain vehicles on treacherous journeys.

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