Bwipo calls for an end to T1 harassment


Bwipo calls for an end to T1 harassment

Fnatic League Of Legends players Bwipo and Nemesis have defended T1 following fan backlash over the team’s recent management.

It came after a group of T1 fans rented a truck with a monitor on the side to send messages to SK Telecom, T1’s biggest shareholder. T1 are the most successful team in League history, but missed out on Worlds this year, and made the controversial decision to bench star player Faker for some key games.

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This decision cost the team’s chances dearly, and has seen the players, their families and management receive death threats in the fallout.

In a Twitlonger post, Bwipo wrote: “If you can’t find the patience and willingness to believe in your teams decisions, perhaps it is time to reconsider what made you follow T1.”

He also suggested that fans who are unhappy with T1’s recent performances should support Damwon and celebrate their recent Worlds victory.

This most recent protest stemmed from the rumour that LCK commentator LS will be joining T1’s coaching team next season. Bwipo defended the decision, revealing he had once asked Fnatic to sign LS as their coach, but that LS had turned it down in order to stay in Korea.

Bwipo also flat-out rejected the idea that LS is racist, writing: “The notion that he is a racist is baffling to me. He spent many years engaged to a Korean individual. Over here, he’s considered THE most Korean biased individual. He gets flak for how much he favours Korean League of Legends, on a regular basis.”


Nemesis, co-streaming with Bwipo yesterday, reaffirmed these views, calling LS one of the most “influential” people in his life and calling for an end to the harassment.


Published at Mon, 09 Nov 2020 11:47:22 +0000



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