How Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales Have Set Up the Next Game


How Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales Have Set Up the Next Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales have done a fine job of building up Insomniac’s universe, with many important moments taking place already. In the first game, players were told a story about a seasoned Peter Parker. His relationships with MJ and Aunt May were a major focus, as was his bond and battle with Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man: Miles Morales was met with the tough task of following up the original, yet it managed to succeed, and it firmly cements Miles as a worthy holder of the Spider-Man name by the time the credits start to roll.

However, while both games tell a main story that provide players with a satisfying conclusion and plenty of time with the lead hero, they also introduce plot threads that are being saved for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Intentionally leaving fans hanging on a few key story beats, gamers will need to wait until the sequel arrives before the payoff is seen. Still, they do have an idea of what to expect, as Insomniac has given fans the perfect level of insight into what stories are going to be told in the follow-up.

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The Post Credit Scenes

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The main story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been set up via two post-credits scenes, with one appearing in each of the two games. In the first, players learn that Norman Osborn is experimenting on his son Harry using the Symbiote. Confirming that the popular alien parasite will have a major role to play in the next game, it will be interesting to see if Venom will appear. If he does, it seems Harry Osborn will be the man behind the monster, which is a significant change from the usual candidates of Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson.

In the post credits cinematic for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac essentially doubles down on this plot point, with Norman Osborn again seen looking at his son. Intriguingly, the person helping him with his work is none other than Curt Conners. Better known as The Lizard, the scene seemingly confirms another main antagonist for the sequel. It ends with Harry Osborn waking up and his father demanding that he is let out of the pod, something that could imply that Venom or the Symbiote is on the loose right at the start of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The Side Mission Setup

While the MCU-like post credits scenes were an obvious way to hype up the next game, Insomniac has also set up two minor villains for the sequel. The first is Wraith, AKA Yuri Watanabe. Originally a police captain, Yuri went rogue after several of her officers were killed. Taking the law into her own hands to eliminate criminals permanently, players can see some of her handiwork and learn more of her story via the Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC. Possibly even becoming a playable character, Wraith may have a decent role in the story. Regardless of how much she is used, though, her purple, ninja-like costume and wire tool have both teased already.

While Yuri is more of an anti-hero that will butt heads with Spider-Man due to their conflicting morals, Miles Morales will likely be taking on a full villain at some point in the story. As part of a special chain of side missions in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles finds that none other than the Kingpin is attempting a coup from the Raft. While the younger Spider-Man eventually thwarts Fisk’s plan to get back into power while still in prison, the two meet via a video call at the end of the quest line. Kingpin promises to come after Miles Morales and those that he loves, something that will likely be explored in the sequel if a Spider-Man: Miles Morales expansion never arrives.

Insomniac has plenty of other characters they can bring in for the next Marvel’s Spider-Man game as well. Black Cat, for example, could have a much larger story told in the next title, as her DLC appearance was fun but brief. Miles’ Uncle Aaron, AKA The Prowler, was seen fighting on the side of good at the end of the last game’s story. This could lead to the villain continuing his redemption arc going forward, with Insomniac continuing to diverge from the comics when it comes to Prowler. With other characters hinted at via collectibles and dialogue, there is no shortage of possibilities for Insomniac’s Spidey universe.

Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are available now on PS4 and PS5. A sequel has not been officially announced.

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