Waframe: A Complete Guide To Using Hildryn | Game Rant


Waframe: A Complete Guide To Using Hildryn | Game Rant

In Warframe, there are a total of forty five different characters or Warframes. It is difficult to remember all of the different frames, let alone understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Each character has four separate abilities, making character selection overwhelming.

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However, in the years since Warframe was released, gamers have had plenty of time to organically figure out which frames stood out above the rest. Hildryn is certainly one of them, with incredible shield abilities for a non-tank. This guide will cover everything players need to know about using the character in 2021.

Passive Abilities


Hildryn does not have energy. Her overshield makes up for her lack of energy by providing complete protection from attacks that usually bypass shields. While the overshield is up, it will block any additional damage from an attack that exceeds the overshield’s protection. For example, if the overshield can only block ten more damage, but the enemy attacks with twenty damage, the overshield will deplete, but block the additional ten damage.

Her passive ability also provides three seconds of immunity once the frame’s shields are charged, which is 1.7 seconds longer than the other frames. Instead of using energy, Hildryn’s attacks will drain her shield and overshield. Unlike most frames, her shield stats will increase 250% by the time gamers reach level thirty.


Warframe Hildryn

Haven is the weakest of Hildryn’s abilities. It provides a shield around allied players and deals five damage to enemies that are close to the shield’s area of effect. For the 250 shield cost, the ability is more of a hindrance than anything. The armor benefit to allies is slight and the area of effect damage per second is weak.


Gamers that choose Hildryn should be using Balefire frequently. The ability allows Hildryn to fite charged bolts at enemies that deal high damage. The attack also has a high chance of producing a ragdoll effect on enemies. Even the highest level enemies will be ragdolled and devastated by the attack. It does cost players 50 shields, which can add up over a short period of time. However, the high damage is worth the cost, as long as gamers do not overuse it.


Warframe Hildryn attack

Hildryn’s Pillage ability will allow players to offset the shield penalty for each attack. While active, pillage will drain the shields and armor of nearby enemies over time. Gamers will receive a shield regen benefit of between 10-25 percent while it is active, depending on the number of nearby enemies. Pillage will drain enemy shields for a total of two seconds. Any enemies within the attack’s eight meter radius will be caught in the area of effect.

Players should be pressing their 2 after every Balefire or Aegis Storm attack. This will ensure that they can be used once again after just a few seconds. Pillage can be activated over and over again, but using it too quickly without enemies present will deplete Hildryn’s shields completely. Additionally, casting Pillage will provide Hildryn with a 100 percent status cleanse.

Aegis Storm

Warframe Hioldryn Aegis Storm

Aegis Storm is the most powerful ability at Hildryn’s disposal. The attack allows her to hover while constantly damaging enemies with a Balefire barrage. Enemies will be drawn into the air and their shields will be drained, forcing them to drop energy orbs.

Once enemies no longer have shields, they are pummeled into the ground. Aegis Storm causes 100 to 200 radiation damage per second, as well as 100 to 500 impact damage once enemy shields are exhausted. However, the attack will drain Hildryn’s shields as well, at a rate of 25 per second. Thus, while the attack does not have a duration, Hildryn’s shield will drain relatively quickly. Gamers should use the ability until enemies are forced to drop energy orbs. Players can pick up the energy orbs and activate their 2 to begin regenerating her overshield.

Using Hildryn And Mods

Hildryn Warframe Pose

Hildryn is by no means an overpowered frame, but she can be a very effective frame if used correctly. Gamers need to rely on the DPS of Balefire and Aegis Storm, while using Pillage to maintain her shields. The energy drops from Aegis Storm are crucial as well, and gamers need to be picking those up so that they can actively use her DPS abilities. Hildryn is one of the most enjoyable frames to use because she does not have an assigned role. She can deal damage, protect teammates, and tank with pillage.

Players can choose how they want to use her, but her attacks are better suited for intermediate range encounters. Hildryn is best used with a range mod to increase the effective ranges of pillage and Aegis Storm. Balefire is already effective from range, but the buffs will make the ability even better. Intensity and Continuity builds can work, but the shield costs make the Stretch mod a more practical option. Warframe players will truly appreciate using the character and taking advantage of her unique traits.

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