It Takes Two: How To Defeat Every Boss | Game Rant


It Takes Two: How To Defeat Every Boss | Game Rant

Hazelight’s new co-op adventure, It Takes Two, is filled with nods to different game genres, easter eggs, and some pretty epic boss fights. Each one of the boss fights in this new game brings different mechanics and difficult co-op challenges for players to overcome.

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Not all of these fights are easy to figure out right away. Some of them will have players guessing until these end up dying at the hands of a space monkey or a giant octopus, but that is all about trying to figure out how the game works.

Vacuum Tower

Vacuum Tower boss in It Takes Two

To start off the fight, the Vacuum Tower will launch flaming canisters at the players. Dodge these and wait for a platform to raise up in the back of the arena. This platform will have a vacuum hose attached to the top and bottom. One play must hop on the bottom portion of the hose to suck up the flaming canisters while the other player uses the top hose to shoot the canisters at the boss.

Once the players damage the boss enough, he will slam the arena. This will create areas of expanding air that the players must dodge. The canisters will then make a return and the players will need to perform their hose trick again. After damaging the boss a second time, he will start slamming the arena again.

After that, the boss will cause strips of explosive mines to fall down. Dodge a row and wait until they explode. Going back to where they just exploded will be a safe area. Damage the boss with more canisters and then survive the onslaught of slams, mines, and flaming lint balls. Damage the boss one last time and it will be defeated.

Once the health bar is gone, the boss’s hoses will fall. Both players must drab a hose and direct them to the boss’s eyes. This will start the cutscene where the boss is defeated.


Toolbox boss in It Takes Two

Phase One

The boss will start off by firing nails all over the platform before taking his arm and swinging it from right to left. Jump the arm and the player who is controlling Cody will need to throw a nail into the boss’s arm to pin it down. Cody must then throw the other nails into the two wood pieces in the boss’s arm so that May can swing up to the platform next to the boss. May must then hit one of the locks with her hammer until it breaks off.

Phase Two

Get ready for phase two. The boss will now throw out more nails while also using a drill to create holes in the arena. After a little while, the boss will throw out some saw blades. Dodge everything until the boss brings out his arm. Have Cody pin down the arm again and swing May over to the other lock. Break the other lock and the boss’s arm will fall off. With one arm gone, the boss will start using the other arm to slam down on the arena.

After dodging the arm for a little while, the boss will place it on the right side of the arena. Cody must stand on the arm while May hits the other end to launch Cody into the air. While in the air, Cody will need to throw nails at an aerosol can that is on top of the boss. Cody must hit the can a few more times using the same mechanic.

The boss will use two new moves in the meantime; using a saw blade to cut off pieces of the arena and spinning his arm around to knock the players off the map. Once the can is destroyed, it will take the toolbox down with it.

Shield Wasp

Shield Wasp boss fight in It Takes Two

The first boss fight of the Tree chapter is against the Shield Wasp. This boss fight goes by pretty quickly because the boss performs the same maneuver over and over again. The boss will charge at either May or Cody three or four times before switching over to the player.

Dodge to the left or right when the wasp charges and turn around quickly to cover it in sap using Cody’s sap gun. Once the boss is covered in enough sap, May will need to use her match launcher to ignite it. Do this a few times and the boss will be defeated. Remember, the more sap covering the boss, the more damage the matches will do.

Mortar Wasp

Mortar Wasp boss fight in It Takes Two

The Mortar Wasp boss fight is another straightforward boss fight that is simple to complete. It will fly above Cody or May and drop green mortar bombs on top of them. Like during the Shield Wasp fight, Cody must coat the Mortar Wasp in sap until it is completely covered. After that, May needs to shoot it with a match. These explosives will defeat the Mortar Wasp after a little while. Just keep rinsing and repeating.

Giant Beetle

Giant Beetle boss fight in It Takes Two

The Giant Beetle will start off by charging at either May or Cody. Run around the map while dodging the charges to make it over to the sewer grates. There are four sewer grates around the arena. Cody must fill these up with his sap gun.

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One of the players can then lure the boss over one of the grates while May shoots the sap. Once the boss is damaged, it will slam the ground. This will create anywhere from one to three red rings that will expand outward. Jump the rings and get ready to have the boss charge again. Keep damaging the boss with the sap in the grates until its health bar is depleted.

Wasp Queen

Queen Wasp Boss fight in It Takes Two

The key to defeating the Wasp Queen is coating each section of the armor in sap and blowing it up. There are four pieces of armor that must be destroyed; two on the front and two on the back.

Phase One

To start off the fight, the Wasp Queen will have a swarm with her that will arrange themselves into a happen to try and hit the players. Dodge the hammer strikes and start aiming at any piece of armor that isn’t protected by a swarm. After a third of the boss’s health is gone, it will start shoot fire onto the arena. Take the rails on either side of the arena to avoid it. The boss’s swarms will also start performing the hammer strikes and a horizontal bar move. Keeping dodging the attacks while destroying the boss’s armor plates.

Phase Two

With half of her health gone, the Wasp Queen will command her swarm to drop onto the arena like bombs with an explosive radius made of wasps that will expand. The wasps will also start to fly across the map in the shape of scissors. During this time the view will change to a top-down view. Once the view returns to normal, Cody and May will need to take out the remaining armor of the boss.

Phase Three

Once the Wasp Queen is low enough on health, the arena will fall away and the rest of the fight will take place on a rail that goes around the Wasp Queen. During this time, Cody and May will need to take aim at the chain holding the boss up. It will be protected by swarms. Take out the swarms and hit the chain enough to defeat the boss.

Moon Baboon

Moon Baboon boss fight in It Takes TWo

Phase One

Moon Baboon will start off the boss fight in a UFO and will fire a laser at either Cody or May. Whoever is targeted will need to run away from the laser while the other player finds the glowing button on the floor of the arena. Once the player finds the button, stand on it to make a pylon come up out of the ground. The playing who is being chased by the laser will need to guide the laser over to the pylon. Once the laser hits the pylon, it will damage Moon Baboon.

After the boss is damaged, lasers will shoot out of the center of the arena. Keep jumping the lasers as they spin around the arena. During this time the players will also have to dodge grenades that Moon Baboon throws out. Now it will repeat the laser part. A player will be targeted while the other one needs to find the pylon button. Repeat this process until all four pylons have been hit by the laser.

Phase Two

A cutscene will play once a third of the boss’s health is gone. Moon Baboon will land on the ground and Cody will need to become large to lift the ship so May can pull off the laser. During the second phase, Moon Baboon will shoot rockets. Run away from these until they land on the ground. Jump on the grounded rocket to ride it. Fly the rocket over to Moon Baboon to damage him. Rinse and repeat until another third of his health is gone, at this point, another cutscene will play.

Phase Three

After the cutscene, Cody will need to shrink down and climb inside the rocket. He will need to jump platforms, avoid electrified walls, and maneuver around lasers until he reaches the big red eject button to ground pound. Meanwhile, May will need to continuously dodge lasers, grenades, and slams while running around the arena.

Once the eject button is slammed, another cutscene will play and Moon Baboon will be on the moon while May hopes into the cockpit to fly the UFO. While May is flying the UFO, Cody will man the laser gun. Cody will need to use the radar to shoot the laser and hit Moon Baboon while May flies around the moon. Once the rest of the Boss’s health is gone the fight is over.

Giant Octopus

Giant Octopus boss fight in It Takes Two

At the start of the fight, May and Cody will be aboard a ship that they must work together to pilot. The Octopus will spawn and the two characters should immediately aim at its face. Watch out for any tentacles that come up out of the water because these will damage the ship. When a tentacle spawn, turn the ship and shoot it, then go back to shooting the Octopus. Rinse and repeat until a cutscene plays.

After the cutscene, the players will be caught in a whirlpool where they will only be able to spin. The Octopus will disappear, but its tentacles will keep spawning to send out rubber ducks with explosives fixed to them. Destroy the ducks until the Octopus comes back into the arena. When the main body of the Octopus pops back up it will also spawn multiple tentacles. Take out the tentacles and then attack the main body. Rinse and repeat this until the Octopus is defeated.

King And Queen

King and Queen boss fight in It Takes Two

The King and Queen boss fight appears during the time that the game turns into a dungeon crawler. Cody has his magic and May has her flaming sword. The King and Queen don’t pose much of a threat. Cody and May just need to avoid them jumping around.

The real threat is in the extra chess pieces that spawn during the fight. It can be broken down pretty easily. The Knights will run in a straight line across the board and will hurt the player and so will their black magic trail. The Bishops will shoot out lines of black magic in an X-formation. Lastly, the Pawns will shoot out electricity around them in a square formation. Avoid the attacks from all the different pieces while attacking the King and Queen. Once their health is gone the fight will be over.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull boss fight in It Takes Two

The Mechanical Bull boss fight is another one that is pretty easy despite being farther along in the game. The Bull will charge May for the most part. There is an area in the front of the arena where Cody can reverse time. This will cause a button to appear on the ground. Once the button appears, May will need to place a clone somewhere and then stand on the button.

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This will cause the Bull to charge. When the Bull charges, May will need to swap places with her clone to make the Bull smash the statue. After this is done twice, the statue will fall but miss the Bull. Have Cody reverse time and get May to pull the ol’ switcheroo on the Bull one last time. When the Bull hits the statue, let time play and the statue will hit it.


Burrower boss fight in It Takes Two

The Burrower boss fight, like the Bull, is pretty simple. The Burrower will burrow into the ground and roam around the arena. Whenever it pops up, Cody will need to hold it with his head leaf while May goes to town on it with her sickle. The boss will summon root creatures to chase down the players. Quickly dispatch of them and keep wailing on the boss whenever it makes an appearance. Keep doing this until it dies. Make sure to also avoid the trail the Burrower leaves behind whenever it is in the ground.


Joy boss fight in It Takes Two

Joy isn’t the typical boss fight that players will experience in the game. While most bosses have health bars, Joy is defeated by going through the three phases.

Phase One

Phase one will have Cody transformed into a tomato while corrupted plants attack. Some of these plants will be larger and spew poison. May must take care of the poison with her water sprayer while Cody slams into the corrupted plants. The phase will be over once Cody returns to normal and the plants blocking Joy disappears. May will then need to wet the soil in front of Joy. Once wet, Cody can ground pound on the soil to become a part of Joy. Button mashing is the key here. A prompt will appear on screen after a short cutscene. Smash the button until the infected part of Joy gets lowered down to where May can attack it with her sickle.

Phase Two

With the infection cleared, phase two will begin with Joy spawning plants to smash the ground. Pay attention to where the shadows are and avoid the plants. Once they are gone, it will be exactly like before, only this time Cody will be a potato. Clear the corrupted plants and hijack Joy’s mind for the second time. Once the second infectious part is cleared, phase three will start.

Phase Three

Similar to phase two, phase three will start with Joy trying to smash Cody and May with large plants, only this time they are on pot lids. Keep dodging the plants wherever the shadows appear until the pot lids are all destroyed. Again, clear the corrupted plants with Cody’s new lime form and hijack Joy for the third time. With the final infected area cleared, the fight will be over.

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It Takes Two: How To Unlock Every Achievement/Trophy | Game Rant

It Takes Two is the latest co-op-only game from Hazelight, and it has been better than anyone expected. This lovable game about an arguing couple getting turned into dolls is surprisingly cryptic when it comes to its achievements/trophies. Each achievement has a short description that doesn’t get the players very far.

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All of them are vague like, “put on a show, and die trying.” With descriptions like that it’s no wonder that players have had trouble with their achievement hunting. That can be helped though. One trophy is not on this list, Power Couple. This achievement is unlocked by obtaining all the other ones.

It Took Two

It Took Two achievement in It Takes Two

This achievement is the essence of what the game is all about, COLLABORATION! Players must work together (obviously) to complete the game. Getting to the end will award both players with this achievement. It may not be easy, and friendships might get tested, but this is the easiest achievement to discover without looking it up.

Minigame Megalomania

Minigame Megalomania achievement in It Takes Two

Another achievement that is very easy to understand is the Minigame Megalomania achievement. The description tells the players exactly how to get it, just find every minigame that It Takes Two has to offer. The problem with getting this trophy is managing to find all twenty-five minigames that It Takes Two has. Covering all of those will take an entire article, but there are plenty of minigames for players to find and a lot of them are easy to spot. Just follow the sound of a tambourine.

Fried Friendship

Fried Friendship acievement location in It Takes Two

Friend Friendship is easy to miss. During chapter two, the players will find themselves in a tree being tortured by squirrels. Once the players are free to roam, players will soon spot a chamber with a blue button in front of it. The scientist squirrel will tell the players to just ignore it. Jumping on the button will send a player into the chamber. The other player can then press other buttons to torture their friend in various ways. This will net players the torture achievement.

Struck A Pose

In the same chapter as the torture chamber, players will come across a camera. It is hard to miss because it is in the path the players need to take to get to the wasp nest. In front of the camera is a backdrop with squirrels and a tree. Players can run up and strike a pose in a bunch of different areas in the backdrop. One player can either go over to the camera and use the lens to take pictures or they can jump on the timer button to get a picture of them both together. Just make sure to toss the photos up on the wall to enjoy them.

Plastic Prison Breakers

Plastic Prison Breakers achievement location in It Takes Two

In a nod to Hazelight’s previous game A Way Out, they added in an achievement to honor Vincent and Leo. This achievement can be obtained during the pillow fort section of chapter 3, Roses Room. While following the path, the players will find a flashlight they can interact with.

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To the right of the flashlight is a staircase made out of pillows. Follow this path and it will take the players over to two action figures. To get the achievement, both players will need to ground pound on the buttons at the same time. They will also be rewarded with a conversation between Vincent and Leo.

Faraway Frequencies

Faraway Frequencies achievement location in It Takes Two

During the Rose’s Room chapter, players will need to complete portal levels to get up to Moon Baboon. There are two levels to these portals. Once the players reach the second set of portals, they will need to enter the gold portal. Inside, they will find an area made out of pillows. Both players will need to climb the tallest tower where they will find a frequency machine. After the players shuffle through all four of the frequencies, they will be awarded the achievement.

Look At Him Go

Look At Him Go achievement in It Takes Two

In the same portal as the Faraway Frequencies achievement, players can unlock the Look At Him Go achievement. Later on in the level, the players will find a catapult. The player who is controlling Cody must launch May up to the platform up above. Cody must then go to the lower part of the catapult and shrink down to his smallest size. May can then ground pound on the upper part of the catapult and send Cody out of orbit and into the stars.

A Daring Devil

Daring Devil achievement location in It Takes Two

While roaming around Rose’s Room after the Moon Baboon boss fight, the players will be able to find a wind-up toy car. This car sits in front of a ramp. In the air in front of the ramp is a hoop. One player must get inside the car while the other one pulls the car back to wind it up. Be careful not to wind it up to far or the player in the car won’t make it through the hoop. Once a player gets launched through the hoop, they will get the achievement.

Break The Bank

Break The Bank achievement location in It Takes Two

Follow the story path after finding the car in Rose’s Room. After following it for a while, the players will come across an area with a piggy bank. Around the piggy bank are a bunch of coins. The players must put all the coins into the piggy bank. After the bank is full, the player will need to jump on top of it and ground pound. This will shatter the piggy bank and unlock the achievement.


Snackosaurus achievement location in It Takes Two

One of the areas players will visits while traveling through Rose’s Room has dinosaurs. Players will immediately know the area because the railcar they are on will hit a dinosaur’s face. One player will need to hop on the back of a dinosaur and ride it through the level while the other one controls a large long-necked dinosaur.

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The player controlling the long-necked dinosaur can use the bite option to eat the other player. Once the player eats the other one with the dinosaur, the achievement will unlock.

Realize Your Art

Realize Your Art achievement in It Takes Two

Once the players reach the castle courtyard, they will be able to find an area filled with art supplies. This area is filled with fun options like jumping in paint and walking around on a piece of paper. In this area, there is a printer that players will assume is used to print out the art they create. They would be wrong. To get the achievement, the players will need to jump into the back of the printer where there are two spinning gears. They will get flattened and printed out.

On Rails Experience

On Rails Experience achievement in It Takes Two

Another part of the castle courtyard is a train that makes loops around the area. To get the On Rails Experience achievement, players simply need to catch up to the train and jump on board. The achievement will pop up on the screen. Players can then go the extra mile and run their way to the engine and make the train go fast.

Platforming Prodigy

Platforming Prodigy achievement location in It Takes Two

During the Cuckoo Clock chapter, the players will come across a small village. In this village, there will be a sign for the Helltower. The players must hit the buttons in front simultaneously. Once they hit the buttons, the players will need to climb the tower. This tower features rotating platforms and can be a little difficult for players who aren’t used to platforming games. Once a player reaches the top, they will unlock the achievement. Keep in mind that each player must reach the top to get the achievement, unlike other achievements that award both players if only one completes it.

Force Triangulated

Force Triangulated achievement location in It Takes Two

In the same location as the Platforming Prodigy achievement, the players will be able to get onto a boat. Both players will want to enter the boat. This will take them through a door. While going down the track, the players will notice a house on the side. Players will want to leave the boat while in front of the house. Enter the house to unlock the achievement, but stay for the Legend of Zelda reference. This house is filled with breakable pots filled with gems.

Lost And Found

Lost And Found achievement location in It Takes Two

Later on in the story, the players will come across a winter village with a frozen lake. On the far side of the lake, the players will find a mother turtle who lost her children. To get the baby turtles to spawn, players will first need to activate the towers around the lake.

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Once the baby turtles spawn, the players will need to push them back to the mother. There are four baby turtles in total for players to get back to the mother. Once they are all there, the players will unlock the achievement.

Mood Swing

Mood Swing achievement location in It Takes Two

In the same winter village, players will find a bell tower on the left side. After players activate the bell tower, the section of the town will unfreeze. Going underneath the bell tower, the players will find a swingset with someone sitting on it. The players can run up to the swingset and use their magnet powers to make it spin. After the swing spins for a little bit, the achievement will unlock.

Something Fishy

Something Fishy achievement location in It Takes Two

During the Snow Globe chapter, players will find a section where they must jump down into the water. This will take the players to an underwater station. When they come up, there will be a boat that is part of a minigame. Use the harpoon launchers on the boat to catch fish. With fish in tow, feed them to the seels to unlock the achievement.

Terror Of The Seven Seas

Terror of the Seven Seas achievement in It Takes Two

In the same location as the Something Fishy achievement, players can unlock the Terror of the Seven Seas achievement. After emerging from the ice, players can take a look around until they discover a pirate ship off in the distance.

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The players can then make their way over to the pirate ship. Once on board, find the chest at the back of the ship. Interacting with the chest will cause a player to open it up and put on a pirate hat. This will also unlock the achievement.

Bug Sized Relaxation

Bug Sized Relaxation achievement location in It Takes Two

Once the players reach the Garden chapter, they will have a boss fight against the Burrower. After this boss fight, the players will find themselves inside a spa building. There will be a bath right in front of them. Both players need to just hop in the bath to unlock the achievement.

Meditation Maestro

Meditation Maestro achievement location in It Takes Two

Once players get to the Attic chapter, there will be a section that brings them outside. This area is filled with white clouds. The players will also have jetpacks during this time. In front of them will be a large tambourine. Enter the tambourine where there are two stools. Run up to these stools and interact with them. Both players will sit down and meditate. This will earn them the trophy.

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