Apex Legends is Selling A Nessie Plush | Game Rant


Apex Legends is Selling A Nessie Plush | Game Rant

Apex Legends has a ton of in-game lore and Easter eggs for players to discover in and out of the battle royale experience. One of the most well-known Easter eggs in Apex Legends involves Nessie, the stuffed plushie resembling a cute version of the mythical Loch Ness monster.

Each of Apex Legends‘ maps contain various hidden Nessie plushies, which have slowly become a trademark Easter egg for the developers over at Respawn. Now, Apex Legends players have the opportunity to pre-order their own 12-inch Nessie plushie from Entertainment Earth, which also offers up a six-inch version of the same plushie.

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The news comes by way of the official Apex Legends Twitter account, which provided a reference photo for the new 12-inch plushie and a link to the pre-order page via Entertainment Earth. For those players who may not know the history behind Nessie, the plushie has been featured as an Easter egg in Respawn’s titles starting with the original Titanfall. Sine then, Nessie has appeared in Titanfall 2, as well as in various areas of Apex Legends, such as cinematic trailers and various in-game Easter eggs. Now, players can own their own plush of the adorable Nessie figure, complete with clearer detail and a bonus QR code that will be “spontaneously updated” with Apex Legends content.

The QR code will be on the sewn-in label of the plushie, and is considered an Easter egg of its own. This new version of the Nessie plushie is much closer to the actual in-game Easter egg, complete with a zipper on the back which opens up to an interior pocket. As far as plushies based around video games go, this Nessie plushie looks to be pretty high quality. However, at a price point of $30 USD, it might be a bit much to ask for some fans of Apex Legends.

The Nessie Easter egg apparently came to be based on a teaser image posted by Respawn regarding Titanfall’s Colony map. Respawn posted a teaser image of a blurry photo of the Colony map, with many players noting a particular landmark in the photo looked like the silhouette of the Loch Ness monster. The development team embraced the comments and have placed plushie versions of the Loch Ness monster in its various titles to follow.

As for Nessie’s appearance in Apex Legends, Respawn gave an in-game lore reason for why the plushies can be found scattered around the map. Apex Legends‘ defensive Legend Wattson is the daughter of the lead engineer of the Apex Games, and grew up around the King’s Canyon arena as a result. According to Respawn, these plushies were left in the arena by Wattson as a child. Now, Respawn fans who want to embrace their favorite Easter egg can own their own Nessie plushie, complete with some additional goodies for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, with iOS and Android support in development.

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Spellbreak: 10 Mistakes Newcomers Should Avoid Making | Game Rant

In Spellbreak, fans of the battle royale genre can add magic to their arsenal to ensure their survival. Unlike most other battle royale games, Spellbreak prefers using elemental spells and other magical abilities to allow players to secure advantage in battle. Additionally, the game’s elemental magics affect the environment around players, adding an extra layer of challenge.

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As such, newcomers might find it a bit overwhelming to outlast their foes while finding the right combination of spells to work with. Moreover, beginners might find themselves dying in a match because of some avoidable mistakes. What should newcomers avoid doing in a Spellbreak match?

10 Don’t Prioritize A Technical Class

Dont choose a technical class - Spellbreak Guide

When players start a Spellbreak match, they get the opportunity to choose a Class that focus on an element. However, newcomers should avoid using Classes with High Master Rating. Frostborn (Frost), Conduit (Lightning), and Tempest (Wind) demand practice to use efficiently. For instance, while Tempests dominate with mobility, the wrong move can put them in the wrong spot. Likewise, Conduits require calculation to maximize their efficiency.

Instead, newcomers should familiarize themselves first with Low or Medium Mastery Rating Classes. For instance, Pyromancer is a safe bet thanks to its AOE potential. Likewise, Toxicologist is great for its stealth potential and deadly damage-over-time.

9 Don’t Skip Element Synergies

Dont forget about element synergies - Spellbreak Guide

Since players can choose their Class prior to the match, they should immediately know which secondary elements work best in unison to their first choice. Remember, choosing Gauntlets that work against each other can make players underperform and cost them the match.

Lightning can electrify any form of liquid (water and ice puddles) or cloud mass (toxic cloud, tornadoes). Likewise, Fire can burn ice and transform puddles into stream. Wind can extinguish fire, electrify via lightning, or dissipate toxic clouds. Players who know how their elements mingle with others can easily counter enemies.

8 Don’t Neglect Element Weaknesses

Dont forget about weaknesses - Spellbreak Guide

Players who have no idea which elements worsen their own element’s performance can be in for a rough match. Those aware of their elemental weaknesses will know which enemies to avoid or which Gauntlets to grab to counteract them.

For instance, while Fire is a great all-around element, Shockwave (Stone) blocks Fireballs while Wind Shear (Wind) can pass through them. Likewise, Boulderfall (Stone) and Shockwave (Stone) have ways to interrupt Toxic Cloud (Toxic), Toxic Spray (Toxic), and even Toxic Puddles (Toxic). Understanding these can allow players to switch Gauntlets and elements quickly, or try to catch enemies off-guard before they react.

7 Don’t Neglect Mobility From Runes

Dont forget about mobility - Spellbreak Guide

In Spellbreak, Runes provide a third ability players can use in case of emergencies. They mostly take the form of a non-damage skill, and usually provide various mobility options. While most Runes provide more or less “the same” skills, choosing the wrong Rune can ruin a Class playstyle for that match.

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For instance, the Invisibility Rune (Invisible + increase Run Speed) and Shadowstep (Invisible + Dash) work best with the Toxicologist’s stealth priority. Meanwhile, Dash (quick dash) and Springstep (leap) is a good option for the Pyromancer. Players need to choose a Rune that helps them capitalize on their Class’s strengths. Choosing a Rune “for the movement” might help players move around, but won’t guarantee efficiency.

6 Don’t Forget About Aim

Dont forget about the aim - Spellbreak Guide

Sometimes, players tend to stick their aim on a single direction, neglecting their sides and their back. That way, players can sneak up on an enemy to dish out a deadly Lightning Bolt. Similarly, enemies might realize too late that they can’t escape the damage-over-time of a toxic puddle.

Players shouldn’t just familiarize themselves with synergies – they should understand how directions and mobility affect their performance. They should know which spells need precise aim, and which ones they can dish out quickly. This way, players have go-to elements whether they want to run around the battlefield or stay stationary.

5 Use Movement To Confuse

Aside from proper aim, players need to take advantage of movement. Sometimes, players don’t lose because of their enemy’s powerful spells. Rather, enemies move too quickly for players to adjust, and they end up doing nothing while enemies dish out attacks.

Players need to learn how to synergize their movement with their spells. Essentially, players need to have spells that rely on AOE so they can dish them out whenever they need to. Players also need aim-reliant spells to maximize damage. With this arsenal, players can take advantage of zig-zagging across the battlefield to confuse opponents while they have their aim under control.

4 Don’t Skip Out On Equipment

Dont forget gear - Spellbreak Guide

As with other battle royale games, Spellbreak lets players equip a wide variety of items throughout a match. Instead of guns, Spellbreak lets players pick up Amulets (+Max Mana), Belts (+Max Armor), and Boots (+Run Speed). Players who want to get in on the action will just randomly get these armor pieces whenever they can. However, many end up dying – not because of their skill gap, but because they neglect equipment.

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Remember, players start with no Armor, low Mana, and middling Run Speed. The low Armor provided by Common and Uncommon Belts might not be enough to fend off continuous attacks. Likewise, the low Mana addition of Common and Uncommon Amulets might mean players won’t have enough juice for long-winded combat.

3 Don’t Choose Fight If Flight Is An Option

Dont fight if you can get away from a fight - Spellbreak Guide

While getting a lot of kills is great, players won’t find this stat useful if they don’t rank high in a match. Sadly, players who tend to get into fights quickly can end up getting eliminated just as fast. As such, players who have the option not to fight should continue hiding and taking their time. That way, they can focus on keeping themselves inside safe areas while only fighting enemies that they unintentionally meet.

Though this approach takes time, it increases the odds of players ranking high enough and giving them the opportunity to gear up before facing other players in the final minutes of the match. Additionally, it provides the element of surprise. They know exactly where they are, while their enemies need to act on-the-fly if they’re ambushed.

2 Don’t Forget Consumables

Dont forget Potions - Spellbreak Guide

Why even bother collecting Consumables when every second counts? After all, pausing to drink Potions can give an enemy time to box a player and eliminate them. However, calculated consumption of Consumables can give players an advantage in preparation for their next encounter. Players should almost always hide and use Consumables to replenish their Health and Armor as soon as possible.

Granted, enemies can use a Consumable’s channel time to try and find the player. However, by then, players would likely have more Health and Armor to bounce back and fight the enemy. If the enemy uses this time to retreat and heal, players can then use this chance to escape to safer territory.

1 Don’t Pass On Using Chests As Traps

Dont forget chests - Spellbreak Guide

Instead of opening Chests right away, players might want to consider their current position first. If they’re at the start of a game in a low-combat zone, players can open Chests at their leisure. However, players might want to use Chests as traps in high-conflict areas.

Essentially, players who notice a nearby battle can sneak near a Chest to wait for incoming enemies. With this strategy, an ambush can easily annihilate squads. Likewise, players should stay wary of Chests in high-conflict areas for enemies planning the same strategy.

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Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Oculi

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