World of Warcraft 9.0.5 Patch Notes Revealed | Game Rant


World of Warcraft 9.0.5 Patch Notes Revealed | Game Rant

Blizzard has revealed the full patch notes for update 9.0.5 of World of Warcraft. The new patch is coming to the game soon and brings a massive list of changes for various areas of World of Warcraft.

The famous MMO has seen countless updates and tweaks over its lifespan. The team behind the game at Blizzard is consistently working to improve the experience for fans. The recent news for World of Warcraft Classic during BlizzCon 2021 showcased the content arriving this year in the series. But in the meantime, players can expect a series of fixes to create more enjoyable gameplay in World of Warcraft.

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From the post, it looks like Blizzard is mostly focusing on systems, rewards, along with Covenant and Legendary tuning when the patch comes on March 9. When it comes to upgrading Covenant gear and rewards, the aim is for players to feel it fits their character style. With Legendaries, the team’s goal is to create more ways to craft and use this type of gear. Along with these changes, the Valor Point system is getting some updates. The currency is now available in Mythic Keystone dungeons and can be put towards Mythic gear rewards.

Consumables - World of Warcraft Tank Mistakes

While those are the larger concepts Blizzard is working on, there are a ton of improvements coming to other categories too. Class changes Blizzard teased are coming, with everything from Death Knight getting fixes for talents to Monk receiving Mana tweaks is in there. The community also voted on a specific mount, The Wandering Ancient, and it is now available for players. Even PvP is seeing updates, and the notes for Battlegrounds include plenty of changes. For instance, the player count per faction in Ashran is now going to be 35 rather than 30.

It seems like fans of the MMO will have good reason to keep on enjoying the title. While some other games can lose support after a couple of years, World of Warcraft just keeps going. With updates coming for almost every aspect of the title in 9.0.5, it is clear Blizzard is in for the long haul. These improvements look to cover elements of the game that fans were hoping for. Rewards that better match a character’s look and playstyle are key to this being an MMORPG with the coolest customization options.

Few could argue that the changes are not extensive enough, but the update might be enough to bring burned-out players back. While MMOs typically rely on farming for loot or grinding experience, new content is necessary to maintain interest. In any case, those currently playing World of Warcraft should be ready to test out all the updates.

World of Warcraft is available on PC.

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