Fall Guys Reveals First Season 4 Costume | Game Rant


Fall Guys Reveals First Season 4 Costume | Game Rant

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, came onto the scene last summer and immediately rose in popularity thanks to its battle royale-style minigames. It was successful enough that it ended up being nominated for several awards as one of the best multiplayer and family games of 2020. As the game wraps up its third season, Fall Guys has revealed its first costume for Season 4, and it is out of this world.

Costumes have been one of the biggest draws for players to Fall Guys, as it’s an easy way for players to customize their characters in unique ways. Numerous costumes have been added since launch, along with several crossovers. Fall Guys had even released a costume for Godzilla to celebrate Godzilla Day.

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Through IGN, the Fall Guys team revealed that a brand-new costume coming during Season 4 is called U.F.G. Whether it stands for Unidentified Fall Guy or Unidentified Flying Guy will need to be debated among fans. The costume features a bright, alien-green skin with a makeshift flying saucer as the bottom.

Fall Guys also confirmed that the next battle pass will end up having 50 levels. Players will be able to earn the top piece of U.F.G. at level 39, and the bottom piece at level 42. U.F.G. certainly fits in with Fall Guys‘ futuristic Season 4, and follows the bright neon color scheme that will probably dominate in Fall Guys 4041.

Since Fall Guys just released a collaboration with Cuphead, it will be interesting to see what other cosmetics will be added to Fall Guys coming up. Many fans might have hopes for collaborations with science-fiction properties like Star Wars or Alien.

In the coming months, the player base will be expanding as Fall Guys is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles in Summer 2021. Cool new costumes will be a great way to entice new players, and convince regular players to keep playing. More news about Season 4 should be coming soon, but fans will just have to sit tight until then.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4, with Switch and Xbox One versions in development.

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Minecraft Dungeons – How to Get a Gilded Battle Robe | Game Rant

Minecraft Dungeons recently introduced a new game mode called Ancient Hunts, and along with it came a powerful new type of gear. In the early days of the game, Unique items were the cream of the crop in terms of equipment, but the new Gilded items are changing that. Like Unique items, Gilded items come with an enchantment built into the armor, but this enchantment is completely random. That means that lucky players can get really powerful combinations. To make things even better, it’s possible to get a Gilded Unique item, resulting in gear that has up to five enchantments. There’s even specific ways players can change what Gilded items they get.

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In Minecraft Dungeons, certain builds rely heavily on artifacts to deal damage, heal or shield players, or otherwise affect the course of battle. For this reason, the battle robe armor has always been one of the nicer choices. The standard version of the armor reduces artifact cooldown by 25%, and players that got more artifact cooldown enchantments could use artifacts very quickly.

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With enough luck and patience, it is possible to get a Gilded battle robe that has even more cooldown baked into its item description. In order to do so, players will need to sacrifice a specific combination of runes from items before starting an Ancient Hunt. At the moment, the only known Ancient Mob to drop the battle robe item and its Unique counterpart is the Abominable Weaver, an Ancient Spider. This enemy can also drop the Double Axe, Trick Bow, and Wolf Armor items.

Minecraft Dungeons Gilded Battle Robe Guide

In order to maximize the chances that an Abominable Weaver will spawn, players need to sacrifice one “n” rune, one “O” rune, and one “+” rune. The “n” rune can be obtained by sacrificing an artifact like the Love Medallion, the Corrupted Seeds, or an Ice Wand. To get the “O” rune, players can use something as simple as a whip or a spear. For the final rune, the “+” rune, a scatter crossbow or a harp crossbow will do the trick. As long as these items all add up to at least 100 power, then the Abominable Weaver will have a chance to spawn.

To increase the chances of this happening, players can invest Enchantment Points, thereby lowering their character’s level. Carefully proceed through the Ancient Hunt and keep an eye out for any Abominable Weavers, as they will have a chance to drop the Gilded battle robes or even the unique Gilded splendid robes. Alternatively, the item might show up in the Piglin Merchant’s shop, but this is less reliable.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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