‘Pokémon GO’ announces March start date for ‘Season Of Legends’


‘Pokémon GO’ announces March start date for ‘Season Of Legends’

Pokémon GO has announced its upcoming season, dubbed ‘Season Of Legends’.

The announcement was made on Monday, February 22 following the conclusion of the Kanto region tour raid. A detailed blogpost on the Pokémon GO news site confirmed that the upcoming season will kick off on March 1 and will conclude on June 1.

‘Season Of Legends’ will feature three legendary Pokémon, Therian Forme Tornadus,  Thundurus and Landorus. The blogpost also hints that others legendary Pokémon will arrive in the game later in the season. Once the new season kicks off, players will be able to find different Mega-Evolved variants of Pokémon in Mega raids. Further details are expected to be announced in the coming days.


The new season also brings with it new Pokémon that will hatch from eggs. 2km eggs will spawn Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip and Budew, while Drowzee, Azurill and Munna will hatch from 5km Eggs. 10km eggs will produce Pokémon like Nincada and Alomomola.

The season’s hemisphere-exclusive Pokémon have also been announced. Northern hemisphere players will be able to find Tangela, Combee, Croagunk, Ducklett, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Scyther, Dratini and Cottonee in the wild.

In the Southern hemisphere, players will be able to discover Pokémon such as  Mankey, Yanma, Buizel, Woobat, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pineco, Bagon, and Ferroseed.

In other Pokémon GO news, popular streamer Ninja recently ended the Pokémon GO Kanto Tour raid by revealing that he had caught shiny variants of the game’s three original legendary bird Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

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Sony CEO Jim Ryan confirms more PlayStation games to release on PC

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that more PlayStation exclusive games will release on PC.

Ryan shared the news in an interview with GQ, where he talked about the new PlayStation VR console that is being developed. GQ noted in the report that “a whole slate” of PS games for PC is “is on the way starting with Days Gone this spring”.

When asked what changes have led to Sony’s newfound commitment to releasing games on PC, Ryan said: “We find ourselves now in early 2021 with our development studios and the games that they make in better shape than they’ve ever been before. Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle our studios made some wonderful, great games”.


He continued: “There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognise the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward. The cost of making games goes up with each cycle, as the calibre of the IP has improved. Also, our ease of making it available to non-console owners has grown. So it’s a fairly straightforward decision for us to make”.

Sony’s decision to release more PlayStation titles on PC follows the company’s PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, which released last year. In the interview, Ryan shed light on the reception for that project. “We assessed the exercise in two ways. Firstly, in terms of the straightforward success of the activity of publishing the game on PC, people liked it and they bought it”, he said.

“We also looked at it through the lens of what the PlayStation community thought about it. There was no massive adverse reaction to it. So we will continue to take mission steps in this direction.”

While GQ has confirmed that Days Gone will release on PC this Spring, a firm release date has not been announced. It is currently unclear what other Sony games will come to PC in the future.

In other news, Sony has announced a 30-minute State Of Play presentation set for later this week. The broadcast will showcase 10 games for the PS4 and PS5, and will include a few new game announcements.

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