Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: World 6-C – How to Beat Motley Bossblob


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: World 6-C – How to Beat Motley Bossblob

World 6-C in Super Mario 3D World is another boss fight that players must finish before moving on to the next world. After Boss Bowser’s Bom-omb Brigade, players might think that World 6 has been taken care of, but much like World 3’s Hisstocrat, there is one more challenge ahead for players before their work is done in World 6.

It is pretty safe to say that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a hit on Switch. While solid sales data remains elusive in most of the gaming industry, the game topped the charts over in the UK for a second week, showing that Super Mario 3D World has a bit of staying power, and fans are still excited to get their hands on it.

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When players get to World 6-C in Super Mario 3D World, the level starts with a power-up, giving the player the Double Cherry to work with on this stage. They will then have to face off against Motley Bossblob in the arena. The unusual looking little clown shakes his wand and summons an army of metallic blobs to glom onto him, making him much larger.

super mario 3d world 6c motley bossblob metallic

Motley bounds around the arena after the player, before ground pounding, which causes his army of metal slimes to fall off. It is during this phase the player can hit Motley as well as pick up the Double Cherry power up which appears after the metal slime balls hit the floor. As the blobs try to swarm the player, jumping on Motley is possible, so players should rush him to get a hit off.

super mario 3d world 6c motley exposed

On the next two turns Motley follows the same pattern except he adds more jumps before the ground pound while also jumping quicker than before, meaning players need to keep up the pace in order to avoid getting trounced. While he is fairly easy to avoid, should players get stuck, a quick trip to get an infinite amount of lives from World 1-2 is always a possibility.

After three hits, Motley goes down, and players are rewarded with coins and the final green star of the world. All that is left is a quick trip to the flagpole and players can move on to World Castle, where hopefully no T-posing enemies get in Mario’s way. While Motley might not offer much of a challenge for seasoned vets of Mario games, newcomers could get frustrated with the bouncing bossblob.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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