Hunt: Showdown Celebrates 3rd Year, Gives Timeline for New Boss and Next Update


Hunt: Showdown Celebrates 3rd Year, Gives Timeline for New Boss and Next Update

Crytek is celebrating its third year of Hunt: Showdown with a celebratory video of the PVE and PVP horror-based shooter. Three million players have enjoyed the thrills of the Louisiana bayou, partly thanks to the ongoing support of the game. A lot has changed in Hunt: Showdown since the game first came out in February of 2018, and the video highlights this.

New enemies, modes, weapon types, maps, time of day, and more were added to the game over the first year of its existence alone. Hunt: Showdown joining the Xbox Game Preview was one of the bigger milestones for the game, as it allowed it to make it to a wider audience.

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The video continues to highlight new updates big and small throughout the three-year cycle of the game that helped keep the game fresh; whether it be the addition of Watch Towers and loot changes that came with update 1.4.8 or new Traits, weapons, or the single-player Trials mode. Additionally, the game saw changes outside of the moment-to-moment gameplay as well, including updates to the UI, lore, and more, including the addition of female hunters. Both in the video and in the accompanying tweet, Crytek also finally detailed when players should expect the next big update for Hunt: Showdown as well.

The tweet comes with the hashtag “TheCrowWillFly in 30 Days” and the last section of the video is dedicated to a few seconds on custom ammunition, and a note that it will arrive in March of 2021. The crow comment is in regards to the long-awaited new boss, which will be based on a crow. And the custom ammunition has continually been teased by Crytek over the past couple of weeks. All of these features are supposed to arrive in the big 1.5 update for the game. If the custom ammo is coming in March, and if the crow will fly in 30 days, then it is fair to assume that update 1.5 of Hunt: Showdown is just a month away.

Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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