Fans Can Vote For Their Favorite Pokemon In An Official Popularity Poll


Fans Can Vote For Their Favorite Pokemon In An Official Popularity Poll

Pokemon celebrates its monumental 25th anniversary this year, and fans are excited as ever. So far, the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebrations already include an incredibly popular McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion, an upcoming virtual concert with Post Malone, and more. Now, with Pokemon Day on February 27th rapidly approaching this weekend, celebrations are beginning to ramp up more and more each day.

For the past few years, The Pokemon Company has put out an annual Pokemon Popularity Poll allowing fans everywhere to vote for their favorite Pokemon of all time. Previously, fans were able to cast votes as they pleased via Google, and for the past 2 years, the Water-type starter Pokemon Greninja has taken the number 1 spot, but things appear to have changed for 2021’s popularity poll.

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Instead of using an online poll or Google this time around, The Pokemon Company is accepting votes via Twitter this year. And while fans anywhere can vote for their favorite Pokemon as they like, they must make a tweet including their monster of choice’s Japanese name, followed by a phrase that roughly translates to “I choose,” referencing the franchise’s classic “I choose you” line. webmaster Joe Merrick explained the voting process on Twitter, giving fans an example of how to vote, subsequently reminding them that they can find the Japanese names for every Pokemon on his own website. For example, if someone wanted to vote for Snorlax, they would simply tweet #カビゴン followed immediately by にきめた to submit their vote. The poll’s results are being updated live on the Japanese Pokemon 25th anniversary website, and while the adorable Pikachu clone Dedenne was previously leading and eventually dethroned by the Ultra Beast Buzzwole for a few days, it appears that Dedenne has regained popularity right now, vying against Eevee and Meowth for the top spot.

While Dedenne seems to be popular simply thanks to its cuteness, Eevee has seen the spotlight in recent years thanks to a huge push by The Pokemon Company to essentially make it the franchise’s second mascot. Of course, the popularity of Meowth comes to no surprise, as it has been a mainstay monster since the start of the Pokemon anime in 1997, recently receiving several of the series’ new regional forms as well.

At the time of this writing, over 2.3 million tweets have been made by fans voting for their favorite Pokemon. The Pokemon Company notes that while the poll will stop updating on February 27, the official results will be announced at a later date. It will certainly be interesting to see which Pokemon comes out on top this year.

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Source: The Pokemon Company

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