The Space Shooter Everspace 2 Comes To Steam On January 18th


The Space Shooter Everspace 2 Comes To Steam On January 18th

Everspace 2 has looked like a very competent space shooter, featuring tons of RPG elements that should give players plenty of things to do and explore. Unfortunately, those waiting anxiously for a Steam Early Access release have had to temper their expectations.

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A couple of times now has the Steam release been put off, but finally, it looks like the developer Rockfish Games has things back on track to start the new year off right. 2020 was a pretty brutal year for most all things considered, so it’s hard to fault them for not being able to deliver on the timeframe that they originally planned for. Everyone seems to have been in the same boat. 

As reported in a new Early Access trailer, Everspace 2 will be available starting January 18th. It has been a long road to get to this point, but the wait could be worth checking out a gripping space epic filled with limitless possibilities.

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On paper, Everspace 2 seems to have enough elements to compete with the big dogs already in this space. You have your fast-tempo space dogfights that give you the chance to implement all kinds of weapons, skills, and resources into every battle.

The hand-crafted planets that you’ll get to explore seem like a good break from the space fighting that you’ll be doing to earn some epic look. Everspace 2 even has a story campaign that will see players go on quests and make friends with NPCs, who can actually impact the outcome of the ending. That should add to the suspense and make players cautious about who they decide to befriend. 

That gives onlooking fans plenty to get excited about in Everspace 2. If you want to see what action awaits for the Early Access on Steam, then enjoy the trailer up above. It’s clear the developer has given you plenty of systems to keep you busy as the game matures throughout 2021.

If you like space exploration, building up your weapons, and refining spaceships, then Everspace 2 has a lot in store. Hopefully, it lives up to the high expectations that many have set upon this title ever since the Kickstarter campaign went into full effect.

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The developer wants to deliver something worthwhile and maybe they can considering they’ve had a little more time to refine systems and flesh out the remaining aspects of development. In just a couple of weeks, we’ll find out one way or another. 

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The Medium Has New 4K Gameplay Footage Out Now On The Xbox Series X

One of the more promising games scheduled for the Xbox Series X is without question The Medium. It’s shaping up to be a pretty noteworthy next-gen horror title that could help Microsoft gain an additional boost in 2021.

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Currently scheduled to release on January 21, The Medium follows a woman medium named Marianne. She has the unique ability to travel to the spirit world, which is the polar opposite of the reality she faces while exploring a communist resort that’s teeming in dark secrets and harmful entities.

Where The Medium departs from traditional psychological horror is the two distinct realities. There is the spirit world and the normal world, both of which can be played at the same time. This patented gameplay has got many excited and thankfully, more of it was just teased in one final teaser trailer before The Medium officially releases in just a couple of weeks. 

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Up in the trailer above, you can see some extended gameplay showing Marianne navigating different areas and using her psychic abilities to put pieces of the puzzle together. The communist resort has a dark history surrounding it and that comes through pretty well in this latest trailer.

A lot of the trailer centers around exploration and gathering clues, but there is also footage of the dual realities playing out at the same time. Where the real world has sort of a dull color scheme, the spirit world is much more orange.

That distinguishes them pretty well and was a great design choice for Bloober Team. It also looks like they’ve done a great job building this world and the characters within it. That will be crucial in keeping players invested in the story, as there seems to be a lot of cut-scenes explaining events that have left the resort in the state that Marianne currently finds it in. 

You can bet the further you get in the story, the darker the secrets will be that you come across. That also means stronger enemies lurking in the shadows. This final trailer is a solid offering for those that want one more taste before the full-course meal at the end of this month.

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There aren’t a lot of noteworthy titles out right now for both the Xbox Series X and S, so The Medium could have a pretty big splash right away — especially for those fond of survival-horror games. Let’s see if the horrors are enough to push Microsoft’s next-gen consoles forward even further. 

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